iPhoneの第4代目で、修理はそのままパーツを直接交換するだけです。しかし、正面ガラスとLCDはセットで交換する必要があります。容量はGSM / 8,、16m32 GB / モデル番号 A1332 /本体カラーは黒と白色

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How to reball the skyworks chip,after water damage?

does interminent signal always mean skywork chip reball or replace when blue inductor is in its place ,sim contacts ok ,gold hook prong=ok ,and still interminent gsm signal ? ISNT THERE someone WITH skills who have knowledge in that ?!


well i did that ,but still no practical help here!! what so ever! thanks anyway ,

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Lots of people want to help you. It is unclear of what your question is. you want to reball the chip or replace the inductor?


thank you, the inductor seems to be in place ,so should i remove it >?

and i think i would like to reball the chip since the signal is intermittant,is there any effect if would take the blue inductor out and just solder the gaps?



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If the inductor is in place and your phone has intermittent GSM failure, I would not replace it. Make sure that all the parts for your antenna are properly placed and connected. Of course, you can try and place a jumper with a circuit writer pen, or better yet, replace it. I personally would replace it. It is a coil and not a fuse, and I am pretty sure Apple placed it there for a reason. Do a Google search and you will find a few companies that will sell the inductor. Take a look at this video to see what you are up against.

As for reballing your IC, it may be difficult for you to obtain the proper template for a reball. This, of course should not stop you from trying a reflow.


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thank you very much dear & exprienced oldturkey03 ,as for jumpering the blue inductor contacts while its still there -no result ! what i did was reflowing the area of the skyworks chips and also made pressure on the chip,realy weird the signal was suddenly intermittet,but then came back again,also when in a call ,the tilt bar says (ios6) says searching( drops from full bars to searching) and then no reception. but the call does NOT hung up ,so restore is also needed,but i still believe its skyworks or any other gsm reciever handler faulty chip in the path of the board ,well it can even be an underfilled chip its a radio/comm/voltage error ,i believe it comes from lack of voltage to a specific chip or other component ,so i wonder perheps the pmic might also efffect the issue ,anyway thanks a lot oldturkey,lets hope that someday those radio/commuination error on board will have a specific solution instead checking each component on the logicboard.




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