Gps not working after disassembly, but wifi does work

Hi, I just replaced the home button following the guide

Now gps is not working (I can get the position in Maps, but not in Tomtom)

However the wifi still works greatly

What could be the reason?

I paid attention to put all the screws at their place...

Where is the gps antenna?

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As usually happens to me, I fix it.

While disassembling I accidentally detached the nut of one screw from the logic board, while I was trying to unscrew it

the screw is the yellow one shown in step 13 in this guide

iPhone 4のホームボタンの交換

so the first time I just put again the screw with the nut but the nut wasn't no longer connected to the board

What did I do to fix it?

Of course I'm not able to solder it back, so I completely removed the screw and the nut and bend the two sides of the Y-shaped part that stays between the wifi antenna and the logic board (one upwards and the other downwards)

So it basically creates again electric contact between the antenna and what I suppose is the GPS chip...

Am I right or I was just lucky?

Now it works again!