Can I put a different spec HDD in an iPod classic?

I'm convinced that the HDD in my 120GB iPod Classic has bitten the big one. It's making a modem-esque noise while clicking and I've gotten the circle red-x. All attempts to get it into disk mode to recover it have failed. My MacBook won't even recognize it.

Now, since I'll probably be pulling it apart soon, I was wondering if I can put a different kind of HDD in this thing (read: larger capacity or a SSD). I would prefer a solid state as it would be less susceptible to bouncing damage caused by jogging or mountain biking. The larger capacity would be welcome for reasons that need not be explained.

I know I can purchase the proper form factor HDD from several different sources but I wonder if anything other than what's in there now (capacity or construction-wise) would throw it into a tizzy.

Thanks all.

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OldTurkey03 mentioned in a response to this post that one could run a set of diagnostics on their iPod by following these instructions. Everything on my device has passed except the HDD. It could not be accessed and the error "ERROR! Diag Halt" was displayed. So, I think it's pretty safe to assume that the drive is kaput.