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The device does not power on or show signs of life.

The iH9 feeds off power from a wall socket. Unfortunately, the connection between the power cord and device port might be loose. Plug the cord into a power socket (make sure the wall outlet works!) and ensure it fits securely in the device.

Sometimes the iH9 needs to restart. Disconnect your iDevice from the docking station and unplug the iHome from the wall. Remove the two AA batteries and let the unit rest for an hour.

After the iH9 has had its break, pop the AA batteries back in, plug the iHome into the wall, and dock your music device to start blasting tunes out.

The iH9 requires power from a wall socket to function. The AA batteries are for saving radio presets and keeping the clock and alarms running during a power outage. Plug the cord into a functioning wall socket and connect it to the iH9.

Your iDevice ran out of power and won't charge.

Your music player may not be fully seated in the docking station. Clear the area of debris and reinstall your device snuggly onto the device connector.

Did you ever bump your device against a wall? Hitting something could damage the connector or parts. See if your device will charge from another power supply (e.g. from a different power outlet or computer). If the device charges from another source, the iH9 connector might be broken. Check out our /replacement guide/.

The audio quality is terrible or does not come out of the speakers at all.

Your music player may not be fully seated in the docking station. Clear the area of debris and reinstall your device snuggly onto the device connector.

The iH9 volume may be turned completely down. Increase the volume until you hear your music.

If you like to blast your music at high volumes, the speakers might have blown out. Exceeding a speaker's limit may tear or rattle a connection loose. You can get back blasting your tunes after replacing your speakers /here/.

Sound from the radio is muffled or filled with static.

The source of the sound is important to provide quality playback. Try moving the docking station to a different location to get a better signal. Adjust the antenna and secure the connectors. Double check the cords are not tangled or frayed.

The antenna may be frayed or broken; this would ruins the radio's quality. Click /here/ to replace the antenna.

The speakers have a threshold before sound is distorted. Turn down the volume on the dock or device if the speakers sounds scratchy.

When pressed, buttons don't respond or function intermittently.

Ensure the button or dial is clean and clear of debris. Particles may block the buttons from moving freely in their sockets.

The buttons are clean, but still won't work! In this case, replace the buttons using our /guide/.

Does the iHome9 require an AM antenna to play FM stations? iPod playing great and charging, but no sound from radio.

Ruth Neilson - 返信

If it helps ... I'm having the same problem with my 6+ yr old IH9. The radio part just decided to stop working. Reboot (batteries out) doesn't fix it. I'll keep researching and post back if I find out anything. Good luck.

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