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Troubleshooting Telstra Elite

1. Telstra Elite not charged/ charging 2. Fixing broken power button 3. Fixing charger port 4. Replacing battery 5. Fixing black light

1. Telstra Elite is not charged/ charging.

- Try charging device with multiple chargers to rule out bad charger.

- Phone will not turn on.

2. Fixing broken power button.

- Plastic power button fell off.

- Plastic power button broken.

- Plastic power button stuck.

3. Fixing charger port.

- Device will not charge.

- Device will not turn on.

- Charger port is damaged or broken.

4. Replacing batter.

- Device will not charge.

- Device will not turn on.

- Device will not hold charge.

5. Fixing black light.

- Device will turn on, but screen does not work.

- Device screen has been cracked/ damaged.


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