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When using your player, it is unresponsive.

Try removing the battery from the player and then reinserting it. This resets the player and may resolve this issue.

You may need to perform a clean up on your device. Performing a clean up will remove any invalid links from your music library. Don't worry, this will have no effect on your other music files. To do this, click here.

The device doesn't stay connected when you plug it into your computer.

Be sure that the player is correctly connected to the computer by the USB cable and that there are no loose connections.

You may have a no longer functioning USB cable. If available, try connecting your player to a different USB cable.

It is possible that the issue is your computer and not the player. Try to connect to a different computer to test if the player will stay connected.

When listening to the radio, the signal is too weak so you hear static.

This weak signal strength is related to low radio frequencies. To overcome this low frequency, try using a longer wired earphone. Using a longer wired earphone will allow the cable to act like an antenna for the FM reception. When using this longer wired earphone, make sure that it is running in full length and not coiled up.

Even with the player at maximum volume level, the player isn't loud enough.

Each player comes with the ability to enable or disable the volume restrictions in order to prevent the player from reaching too loud of a level. To check if your player has this setting, go to the main menu and select System, Audio settings, Restrict volume. You will then be asked to set a password and once inputted, a volume bar will appear. You can now increase your volume to the desired level and then select OK to enable this volume restriction.

Your player is not loading properly and is running slower than usual.

If your player's battery life is at its minimum, your player will not load properly. The easiest way to solve this issue is to charge your player with its AC power adapter or USB port without turning on the player. Leave connected for the next 60 minutes until the screen lights up.

Your battery might not be working anymore. To replace your battery, follow the link below:

Click here for instructions

Your display screen on your player is completely white or black and you cannot navigate on your player.

Reset your player to confirm that the screen is functional and able to display its content. To reset your player, first turn it off and remove the battery. Wait for about 5 seconds before re-inserting the battery and turning your player back on. If your display screen remains white/black, read on...

It could also be because your battery is about to die. Plug in your player and allow it to fully charge before checking your screen again.

Updating the player's firmware is also very essential and can be done by following the link below:

Click here for instructions

If your screen is still completely white or black, you may need to replace your screen. To do this, follow the link below for instructions below.

Replacing your LCD screen



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