Audiovox CR8030iE5 Troubleshooting

Make sure to plug in your device. This sends current into the clock so it is able to power on and perform its various functions.

Audiovox takes double A batteries; make sure that the batteries are put in with the correct orientation.

Take your clock to a repair technician and have him/her assess the severity of the problem. Unfortunately a solution to this problem is not within the scope of this guide.

Blow away any dust from the dock or wipe gently using a clean, dry cloth.

Remove any cases off of the iPod and make sure it is securely plugged in to the dock. iPod or iPhone cases can get in the way of proper insertion.

The bottom left button on the top of the clock can be pressed and held to power off, or simply unplug your device and plug it back in.

Make sure that the screen has the iPod icon showing; if not press the power button until it is seen.

The docking port does not support certain Apple products. Check user manual on device page regarding compatibility.

Power on the clock. Make sure the clock is completely plugged in and batteries work.

The screen may not display anything due to a faulty backlight.

To replace the backlight, see replacement guide:

Other electrical devices can interfere with the Audiovox's ability to receive radio signals. Make sure they are moved away from the Audiovox.

Make sure that the Auxiliary cable is plugged fully into the Auxiliary Port.

Check to see that the sound system you are trying to connect your Audiovox (via Aux port) to is functioning properly.

Check the user guide for other troubleshooting problems or how to use different functions.

This is most likely a problem with the logic board.



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