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Toshiba Thrive 4G Troubleshooting

Toshiba Thrive 4G Troubleshooting

If the sound is not working, check the volume settings on your device. You can adjust the volume to your liking on this page. If you adjust the volume, and it is still not working, check to make sure the mute option is not on. If you check to make sure the device is not muted, and it still is not projecting any sound, the speakers may be blown, and need to be replaced.

If your device will not turn on, make sure the battery is charged, or the power cord is plugged in properly. Check the on/off indicator to see if the device is on or off. If the device still will not turn on, the battery may need to be replaced.

the display over time may fade, based on battery life, and the common uses of the user.

“The device won’t last nearly as long as it did when first purchased. This is common for batteries in devices such as tablets to deteriorate over time. Make sure the battery is charged, and the charging cable is working correctly. If the cable is not working, you will need to replace the charging cable. If the charger is working, but the battery won’t charge, it is likely your battery is dead, and needs to be replaced.”


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