Toshiba Tecra M2 Troubleshooting

The Toshiba Tecra Series of business laptops were released in 1996. The M2 model released in 2005 boasted an Intel Pentium M Processor, a maximum memory capacity of 2,048MB, 74.52 GB Hard Drive space, and a 14.1" screen. The Tecra M2 was praised for its small size and portability.

Your laptop crashed unexpectedly during normal operations or doesn't boot at all

Check to make sure the laptop is plugged in and is being charged. If thats the case, check to make sure the power light on the adapter lights up. If the light does not turn on, consider buying a new power adapter.

If your computer is crashing unexpectedly or not booting at all. You may have a problem with your RAM, this can be fixed by replacing the broken component.

Your laptop is hot to the touch and processes are slowed or crashed.

Turn the computer on and check to see if you can hear a fan spinning near the top left of your Tecra M2. If you do not hear it, you may need to replace the fan.

After long periods of use laptops can overheat due to dust build-up. To fix this, use compressed air duster to carefully remove the dust of the fan and vents.

Disk Cleanup will remove temporary files on your hard drive and free up the space that you need.

  • Click the green "Start" button in the lower left corner of the screen
  • Click "All Programs"
  • Click "Accessories"
  • Click "System Tools"
  • and finally, "Disk Cleanup". Follow instructions to complete.

If disk cleanup does not give you enough space, you will need to upgrade your hard drive.

Your optical drive is not responding or reading correctly.

In some cases your DVD drive needs an updated driver (a program that allows the device to communicate with the rest of the computer) Fortunately, you can download the appropriate driver from the manufacturer's website.

It is also possible that your optical drive is bad and must be replaced.

The keyboards functions are impaired.

The keyboard will need to be replaced.

Check underneath the keyboard to see if the connections are loose. If the keyboard is unconnected, replug it in and test the keyboard to see if that solved the problem.

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