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"Your computer does not turn on at all."

If your battery is not inserted properly, then your laptop will not turn on. You may view our Toshiba Portege M300 battery installation guide to understand how to remove and reinsert the laptop's battery.

Your laptop's battery may be dead. Make sure your laptop is plugged into a power source. Leave the laptop charging for a couple of hours and then try to boot it up again. If it still does not turn on, then you may need to replace the battery. Take a look at our Toshiba Portege M300 battery installation guide to assist you.

Make sure your laptop's RAM is properly installed. If the RAM is not in place, secure it back into place. To see how to install your laptop's RAM refer to the Toshiba Portege M300 RAM installation guide.

If you power on the computer and the display is black, make sure the computer is booting up. You can do so by checking the LED lights, listening to the fan, and/or listening for the Windows boot up sound. If either of these are functioning properly, your screen may not be working properly. You may take a look at our Toshiba Portege M300 LCD installation guide to help you replace the screen.

Open the laptop. On the motherboard there should be a small LED. If the LED is off then the motherboard is dead and will need to be replaced. You may take a look at our Toshiba Portege M300 Motherboard installation guide to help you with the replacement process.

Attempt to force shut down the computer by holding down the power button for about 5 seconds. Wait about 30 seconds, and then turn it back on again normally. If the problem persists, see below.

If the steps above fail, then you may need to replace your hard drive. If the hard drive became corrupt, then your computer will not boot up properly. You may use the Toshiba Portege M300 hard drive installation guide to assist to you.

"One of my keys fell off and I can't put it back on."

"When I press a key it doesn't display on the screen."

If some of your keys have broken off, or they are simply not working, you may need to install a new keyboard. Make sure your keyboard is connected properly. If you find that it is connected properly, but it still isn't working, then you may need to replace the keyboard by going through the steps in the Toshiba Portege M300 keyboard installation guide.

The Toshiba Portege M300 has a hardware on/off WiFi switch on the front side of the laptop next to the volume slider and the audio jack. Make sure the WiFi switch is in the "On" position.

The wireless card on your computer might not be working properly. You'll need to replace the wireless card in order for it to work properly. To replace the wireless card, follow the Toshiba Portege M300 wireless card installation guide.

"If your battery last very little on a single charge, this can help"

Try reconnecting the laptop to a power source for a few hours. If this does not fix the issue, then your battery might no longer be working properly. To replace the battery you may follow our Toshiba Portege M300 battery installation guide.



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