What would happen if everyone in the world knew how to fix anything?

We want to make that possible. Our mission is to make it easy for anyone to fix their electronics. The easier that we can make something to fix, the more people will do it. You can do it. We make it easy.

I am currently stationed in Iraq and when my iPhone battery died, I thought all was lost. Thank you does not describe how happy I am that your battery worked. I first tried another vendor who was very misleading with the product description and the battery was not for a 3GS. Thank you for delivering on what you promised.

—Katrina in Iraq

IFixit made me a hero to my teenager and a god to his peers. He called the local Apple store for an estimate to fix the glass screen of an ipod, they wanted over $150. Apple mail-in wanted at least $50. iFixit+Dad+ 1 hour of father/son time= perfect ipod repair for under 30 bucks.

—Mark in Illinois

This Website has allowed me with their awesome guides on iPhone repairs to start my own business. After a very slow first repair on an iPhone 5s our team started getting more experienced and have used ifixit's guides for the whole life of our business. Thank-you so much for the amazing guides.

—Ryan, Quickfix Electronics in Brisbane

The directions, which we found at your Web site, were crystal clear and very thorough.

The geniuses at iFixit made it easy by getting me a replacement panel and the guide to do the work myself. Sure it took patience, care, and an afternoon's work on my part, but without the excellent guide I'd have never attempted the task.

—Todd in Maryland

You guys rule and have saved my ass many many times. Thank you!

—Ralph in North Carolina

Great site design, helpful troubleshooting, and low prices.

—Brianna in California

I love your repair guides. You've saved me hundreds of dollars over the last few years.

—David in Maryland

Site is great, clean and easy to navigate.

—Serge in New Brunswick

Keep up the great work - your guides have saved me time and again. I don't want to shop around for parts, I'd rather just support you.

—Pat, YourMacDoctor in California

My 13 year old son bought a non-working xbox for $40, and installed your RROD kit while I watched / advised. I wish I had a picture of my boy's face when those green lights came on. It built his repair confidence, and he learned a good lesson about re-use and recycle. Thanks for your help!

—Jim in Colorado

Quick and straightforward.

—Owen in New York

You have the guide to fix my problem and great prices on all the other things I filled my cart with AND you also have the tools to get the job done! Perfect!

—Jonathan in Oregon

Shipping time was superb. I will come back to your store the next time I am looking for parts. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

—Ramia in Nebraska

I have used iFixit for a long while for the guides, and would never go anywhere else for parts.

—Lee in Florida

Keep up the good work helping people fix their electronics and cleaning up the earth by reducing e-waste. The money we work hard for, and more importantly, the Earth are way too important to just throw away. Thanks again.

—Adam in Pennsylvania

I've used you folks several times over the past year to repair my various macs that my kids abuse. Your online system works well and the parts are always what they're suppose to be.

—Michael in Oregon

I've used iFixit many times to take apart Macs I've needed to fix.

Lawrence Lessig

You guys saved me $1,200 (the price of a new Apple laptop). An Apple genius diagnosed the problem right away, but said Apple no longer makes a DC-In Board for its iBook G4. The implications was that I'd have to buy a new one, because Apple didn't mention a home repair with a third-party part. (I filled out an Apple survey complaining of this, and the store manager called me to say that Apple does not suggest that because of liability concerns.) My boyfriend said, you have nothing to lose, let's just try and fix it ourselves. So I found your part and we did the repair and now my computer works perfectly! I'm so happy that for $29 I might have my Apple another year. (It's weird that Apple makes such long-lasting products but discontinues its parts rather quickly.)

—Lucy in Michigan

I was so excited to find this site! Not only was I able to take apart my laptop with ease, a feat in itself considering I have zero computer repair experience, but I am confident I will be able to replace the part easily and confidently. To find the part and do it myself is a great feeling, not to mention the HUNDREDS of dollars I am saving by doing it myself! Thanks so much!!


Everything is quick and easy. I couldn't have done it without your tutorials. I love your website and your tutorials - from fixing broken iPhone screens to laptop repairs. It's the first site I check when I have a problem.

—Victor in California

The delivery time was very quick! The online installation guide made the installation of my airport card extremely easy. I now have my computer running again. Thank you!

—Vladimir in Indiana

Your site helped me find the right part, gave me the correct instructions, and delivered the part promptly!!! What more could a man ask for. Your organization is the greatest.

—Gerald in California

Shipping was UNBELIEVABLY fast. Not only was it fast, but I had direct contact with customer support via email, with IMMEDIATE feedback. I guarantee you will not be disappointed when doing business with iFixit.

—Chad in Alaska

You saved me from going and buying a whole new iPod!


I'm cheap. Very cheap. Not very technically-inclined either. But with fast delivery and step-by-step repair guides, I felt confident about my DIY approach, and right now I am very happy with the results. I turned my $300 paperweight into a functioning iPod again for under $100.

—Kevin in Florida

I think if people knew more about your sevices, they would keep their damaged iPods and fix them rather than throwing it away for a new one.


My brother-in-law fixed my iPod over the weekend, using the instructions and parts I ordered at your site. Now it works perfectly! Thank you so much for providing these parts and services! In this economy where we can't afford to be buying replacement iPods every two years, it was wonderful that you guys helped me fix my iPod for less than $70!!! Plus, helped me avoid the hassle of doing all the transfer of music if I had bought a new iPod. Plus, you helped me fulfill my environmental commitment by delaying me having to toss out another piece of electronic equipment.


I used your guide to swap my working original Airport card into my daughter's MacBook -- it was essential to being able to do it and it saved us $200 dollars. Plus the instructions were VERY GOOD and made the swap almost trivial to do. Considering all the screws involved, I was very impressed.


Great work with the guides! My wife dropped her iPhone in a restaurant toilet, where it sat for 20 minutes until she realized it was missing. We fished it out, I took it apart, let it sit in the sun couple days, and it's working.


Thanks for supporting my efforts to keep old Macs going -- the people at Apple are not much help and are not interested. I guess it doesn't make them much money.


What a great deal, excellent service, and wonderful product. I'm very pleased, thanks so much!

—Jerrett in Ontario, Canada

I contacted your customer support, and Brady got back to me the following day with just the information I needed to get the phone working. You have earned a customer for life.

—Kyle in Pennsylvania

I have ordered numerous parts from ifixit.com over the past couple years and have always had fast efficient delivery! I love the site and the informative detailed how-to's. You have saved me a lot of money on my gadgets. Not only are you guys helping people get the longest life out of their products, you're helping put a dent in e-waste!

—Jason in Maryland



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