Sony Handycam CCD-TR5 Troubleshooting

Cause: This could possibly be related to the camera remaining in CAMERA mode

Solution: Turn STANDBY switch to LOCK and turn back to STANDBY

Cause: The tape may be at the end of the reel or the power switch could be set to VTR

Solution: You should purchase a new cassette tape and/or set the camcorder to CAMERA mode

Cause: Your camera may have a dead battery, or the AC-power adapter is not connected

Solution: You should attach the battery or purchase a new battery. Also, try to connect the AC-power adapter to an electrical outlet

Cause: Your battery may not be charged fully, or the ambient temperature is low

Solution: Try to recharge the battery pack and store your camera in an area with a warmer temperature

Cause: The camera battery could be dead

Solution: Recharge the battery

Cause: Your microphone may be covered or it may need a replacement microphone

Solution: Uncover and/or replace microphone

Cause: The viewfinder lens may not be adjusted properly or there may be dust in the viewfinder

Solution: Adjust the viewfinder and clean the lens

For more information on the Sony Handycam CCD-TR5, please refer to our Repair Guide Manual

Playback to tv, choppy& color&sound fades in&out

milroy welliver - 返信

Playbackto tv,choppy & color & sound fades in& out

milroy welliver -

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milroy welliver -

I have Sony CCD-F55 Video Camera Recorder. The only thing it will do is tape ejection. I have try many things including cleaning the Video Head and same results. What is your recommendations? I am getting a blinking arrow point up in the viewfinder. I have many family tape recordings that I would like to transfer over to digital.


Thank You,


Paul Wojciechowski

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