Skil X-Drive 18V Cordless Drill Model No. 2887 Troubleshooting

A cordless power drill that has rechargeable batteries. Model No: Skil X-Drive 18V Cordless Drill Model No. 2887

Drill will not turn on or operate.

Verify that the battery is fully charged. Refer to Check Battery Fuel Indicator for full instruction on how to verify the battery is properly charged.

Verify that the gear lock is not in the center position. If the gear lock is in the center position the drill will not operate. Place the gear lock in either the forward or reverse position.

There may be a problem with the trigger. To verify that the trigger is indeed the problem refer to "Trigger not Functioning" section within this troubleshooting page for instructions on how to properly diagnose the trigger mechanism.

Battery is not charging properly

There is a small red button on the side of the battery, press this button and there should be either one, two or three lights lit, indicating how much charge the battery has. If none of these lights come on, the battery in completely drain. Place the battery on the charger; the green light on the charger should start blinking, indicating it is charging. When the green light on the charger is lit it indicates the battery is fully charged. If none of this light indicators come on verify there is approximately 18 volts across the battery terminals with a voltmeter. Make sure the outlet you’re using has power by trying a different device in it. Also remember that batteries needs to cycle at least 4 times to reach its maximum charge capacity.

Nothing happens when you squeeze the trigger.

In this position, the trigger will not fully depress. Make sure to push the direction switch all the way to one side or the other to select forward or reverse.

The drill may not have power to operate. First charge the battery to ensure it is fully charged. Once the battery is charged, insert the battery pack into the drill and make sure the direction switch is not locked then press the trigger.

The internal wiring may have malfunctioned. Take apart the casing in order to access the wiring. Make sure there is no disconnected wires.

If none of the above resolve the issue then the next thing to check is the trigger mechanism. Remove the casing. Ensure that all trigger components are infact intact. If they are not remove the trigger switch and replace it with a new one.

Chuck Sleeve spinning slowly and inefficiently

The battery may not be fully charged and is therefore not allowing the drill to operate at full power. The battery should either be replaced by a charged battery or placed on the charger until it is fully charged

Check to see if the gear of the drill is set to the one that operates at a lower speed, if so, adjust it to the speed desired.

This drill is designed to allow the amount of pressure on the trigger to control the speed of the revolutions. If the trigger is not working properly it may be the cause of the slower revolutions. See replacing the trigger guide in order to fix this problem.

Chuck Sleeve will not lock the drill bit in place

Ensure that you are spinning the chuck in the correct direction in order to lock the drill bit. The proper direction to spin the chuck is clockwise. Hold the chuck securely and spin chuck until inner clamps secure the drill bit in place.

If the previous suggestion does not work, chances are the chuck may need replacing. Follow the direction in the repair guides for more information on replacing the chuck.

3.6 v skill hand held screw driver won't charge...charging light on cradle won't come on

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The charger may be damaged. One cause of this failure is a bad NiCd battery, with an internal short, being placed in the charger. A shorted NiCd battery will draw too much current on the AC transformer, burning out the windings. My charger had the primary side windings fail open, likely after they overheated with too much current draw to the battery (which I found has an internal short). You'll need a new transformer in the charger, and will need to check the rest of the components.

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Still looking for info on getting a new cradle or making it work

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