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Phone wont turn on ¶ 

The Samsung Galaxy Alpha will not turn on.

Battery is not charged ¶ 

Make sure that the battery is fully charged and installed correctly.

Water Damage ¶ 

Take the battery out of the phone. Check the the oblong pad on the side of the battery that has the connections on it. If the indicator strip is white, the phone has not taken water damage. If the indicator strip is pink the phone has taken water damage and will likely not turn on because it is damaged.

Motherboard is bad ¶ 

If the phone still will not turn on, the motherboard is likely bad. If this is true the motherboard will need to be replaced.

Phone has poor reception ¶ 

The phone does not have enough of a connection to the wireless network.

In a location that does not allow mobile connection ¶ 

If the Samsung Galaxy Alpha says no service on the screen, move to a new location and test the signal quality there. If you are in a building try moving outside to make sure your signal is unobstructed.

Bad Antenna ¶ 

If your signal quality is consistently poor regardless of your location, your antenna might not have a good connection to the motherboard or it might be defective.

Motherboard is bad ¶ 

If your phone still does not turn on, your motherboard is likely bad. You will need to replace the motherboard.

Phone is frozen ¶ 

The phone's screen is unresponsive despite active usage

RAM is full ¶ 

There are likely too many open applications, which can cause the RAM to be full.Ensure to close unused applications and programs. Another solution would be to temporarily minimize the usage of the phone. If this does not fix the issue restart the phone by holding down the power button.

Bad video driver ¶ 

The best solution to correct the bad video driver is to reinstall a new one from the phone manufacturer’s website. After installation, test the new updated drivers and make sure the phone functions properly.

Motherboard is defective ¶ 

If your phone is still frozen , the motherboard is likely defective. It would need to be replaced it with a new one from the manufacturer.

Phone is overly hot ¶ 

The phones temperature is uncomfortably warm to the touch

Battery is defective ¶ 

If the battery is defective it can easily cause the phone to become hot to the touch. If this is the case then the defective battery will need to be replaced with a new battery.

Battery is overcharged ¶ 

If the phone has become overcharged it can become hot to the touch. Unplug the charge cable from the phone and hold down the power button till the phone turns off. If the phone is already powered off ignore the previous step. Then let the phone sit for at least five minutes before turning it back on.

Heavy application usage ¶ 

When the phone is being used consistently for an extended period of time it may become hot to the touch. One option would be to tap the power button to shut the screen off and let the phone sit for at least five minutes to let the phone cool down. If the phone is very hot to the touch, hold down the power button and let the phone sit for at least five minutes before turning it back on.

Battery loses charge quickly ¶ 

The usage time between charges is abnormally low

Unwanted application usage ¶ 

Unused applications running in the background is the most common cause of decreased battery life. To solve this issue disable unwanted applications in the application manager to extend the battery life of the phone.

Battery defective ¶ 

If the battery is defective usage time between charges will likely be very low. To fix this issue the battery will need to be replaced. Please follow the link below to find out ways to keep your phone's battery going strong.

Battery Efficiency Improvements

Want to know why I haven't heard any sound of any kind from this phone


No sound on video or touch

hdmlt259 - 返信

I have no volume what so ever

Debby Marx -

My volume doesn't work no matter what.

Debby Marx -

No sound on touch or video

hdmlt259 - 返信

No sound on video ,audio player only on headset.but ring tons are ok.

Eduardo ariola -

No sound video,audeo player,but only on headset,but there is rington eveb withuot headset

Eduardo ariola -

Galaxy alpha screen to fix it

Muhammed Husain - 返信

I don't have any ringing tone cant make phone calls cause i camt here wether the phone os ring

Joan Armstrong - 返信

All my phone has is text messages can't ring out cause i cant here if they answer

Joan Armstrong - 返信

I am using Dan j5 I am unable 2 hear the opp call voice&vol is also not working..need sgn

Lavanya Srinivas - 返信

No sound but only on call works for media

Deon Coleman - 返信

My galaxy alpha keeps turning off. I woke up yesterday morning while my phone was charging it was turned off on 99%. Turned it on, opened facebook - turn off. Turned on opened facebook again, scrolled few minutes - turn off. Sometimes it turns off while in my pocket. Please help :(.

Cento Zero - 返信

My galaxy alpha power button only work when I remove the battery and on it ,after that it doesn't work again, I can't reboot nor turn it on after screen timeout and I can only swipe to unlock the phone when I plugged it to a power supply

bello abiola balqees - 返信

The sound went out can't hear nothing so how can I fix it?

Lenel Wilkins - 返信

Trying to fix the sound on my phone

Lenel Wilkins - 返信


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