There is no sound coming out of the headphones.

The simplest reason the headphones may not be producing sound, is that the headphones or device is muted. Check the Maelstrom audio unit to ensure the headset volume is turned up. Also check your device to make sure the master volume control for the headset or the device itself is not on mute.

No sound coming from the headphones may result from a loose connection between the headset and device. Try unplugging and reconnecting the headset back into the USB port on your device. If the USB plug isn't pushed in all the way, the connection will not function correctly.

A damaged cord could result in no sound being transferred from the device to the headset. Inspect the cord running from the USB to the maelstrom, and from the maelstrom to the headset. Make sure no wires are exposed and that no wires have been cut or pulled out.

If the cord gets pulled out of the Maelstrom or damaged in any way, reference the Maelstrom Wiring Replacement Guide.

There may be no sound produced from the headphones because the device they are connected to is not working properly. To investigate this issue further, try plugging the headset into another USB port, if the device has one. If sound is still not heard, try the headset with a different device. If the headphones work, check the original device to ensure audio is being routed through the headset. If the problem remains unfixed, reset the device.

Speaker damage may result in the lack of audio production. The speakers on the device may be damaged or the wires running to them may be disconnected. Open up the headset to check the connections and state of the speakers.

For information on replacing the speakers, view the Speaker Replacement Guide.

The sound is fuzzy and broken up.

If you have a poor internet connection you could receive static or broken sound from the headset. To fix this problem reset the internet connection and try again to see if the sound quality is better.

A loose or faulty wire may be the reason for the static sound. Open up the headset and check the speaker and its wires to make sure everything is connected properly.

For instructions on opening up the device and replacing a speaker, view the Speaker Replacement Guide.

Check to make sure the headset USB is plugged in all the way. Also look at the USB port on the device to make sure there is no damage to the port. Try a different USB port on the device or try a different device to see if the headset is damaged or the device.

Voice is not registered when talking into the microphone.

Check to see that the USB plug in is plugged in correctly to the device. If problem is not fixed take apart the headset and make sure there is no damage to the wires that run to the microphone, and that the connection is solid. Also inspect the wires to make sure that they are not cut or exposing any wires.

Take the boom apart on the headset and check the microphone for any damage, or debris build up (use caution when doing this for the boom is fragile). If debris has built up on the microphone try blowing the debris off. If that does't work take a damp cloth and wipe off the microphone. If the problem is not fixed the microphone may have to be replaced. In order to accomplish this, the microphone boom will have to be replaced. The microphone itself cannot be removed without damaging the device.

For instructions on replacing the microphone boom, view the Microphone Boom Replacement Guide.

Inspect the wires that run to the microphone for any exposed wires or cuts. Also inspect where the wires attach to the boom for they could be stripped from the microphone. This will not allow the microphone to work. If wires can be reattached or replaced do so. If not replace the microphone boom with a new one.

If ear cushions become torn, dirty, or dusty, they may need to be replaced.

For instructions on removing ear cushions, view the Ear Cushion Replacement Guide.

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