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Quantum Axis A23 Troubleshooting

Release Date: Feb. 13, 2014. Model Number: QS-1013-A23.

The screen is frozen and no actions can be performed.

Remove battery and reinstall it. A detailed guide can be found here (hyperlink to battery replacement guide). It’s possible that the battery in your tablet is not functional, in which case a new one must be purchased then installed.

Plug the device into the AC adapter until the battery is fully recharged. If this doesn’t work, refer to the “Table Doesn’t Hold Charge” section.

The device was damaged and the screen is shattered, or the screen is not properly connected. Only way to fix the problem is to replace the screen.

See our guide on how to replace the screen.

Expected action is not performed when a button (e.g. power or volume) is pressed.

Open up the applications menu by tapping the icon with 6 white squares, which is located in the bottom center of the home screen. Tap the settings icon, then scroll down to "Backup & reset". Next, select "Factory data reset" under the personal data subcategory, then "Reset tablet" and "Erase everything".

Turn off the device, then open the rear case with a plastic pry tool to check if the button is being jammed by anything. If it is, clear any obstructions out of the way. Snap the case back onto the tablet, turn the device on, and check if the button is working again.

Device only works when device is plugged in or holds charge for only a short period of time.

Plug device into AC adapter. If it does not charge, the battery most likely has gone bad. In this case you need to replace the battery, following our guide’s steps (follow link).

Plugging the device into the AC adapter doesn't replenish battery life.

If AC adapter is broken, you can simply buy a new one. Alternatively, if only the micro-USB power cable is not functional, it can be replaced with any other micro-USB cable.


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