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PowerA Fusion Controller for Xbox One Troubleshooting

This is a troubleshooting page for the wired PowerA Fusion Controller for Xbox One and PC.

Controller Won't Turn On

I keep pressing buttons and nothing happens.

It Is Not Connected To The Console

Unplug the cable and make sure you are connecting it in the right slot, then connect it again.

Defective Cable

Your cable may be defective and will not power your controller at all. If this is happening, you have to buy a new cable and replace it.

Controller Won't Respond When Connected To PC

I keep pressing buttons but nothing moves on the screen.

Controller Is Not Receiving Enough Energy

Ensure that you are plugging your controller into a USB port that will provide enough power for the controller to work.

You Don't Have The Right Software Installed

You might not have the correct software that recognizes the controller; check if you even have a software. If not, download one. If this does not work, test your controller on other devices, such as an Xbox console or another computer to check if the controller works.

Sticky Buttons

Some or all the buttons in my controller take too long to pop up

Dirty Buttons

The buttons on your controller might have food residue or just dust. If you want to clean them you will need a cleaning wipe and some alcohol. If that does not work, try opening the controller to clean them more thoroughly or change them.

Controller Will Not Vibrate

When I am playing a game, the controller won’t vibrate.

Vibration Settings Not Enabled

Make sure the vibration option is enabled which is commonly found in the setting of the game you are playing. The vibration option may also be turned off from the console settings.

The Game May Not Support The Vibration Option

Try out a different controller to play the game. If the controller still doesn’t vibrate there is a high chance the game doesn’t support the vibration effect.

Defective Vibration Motor

If you’ve tried all the above and your controller still isn’t vibrating, you most likely have a defective vibration motor. If so, grab a screwdriver because you will need it for the Xbox Oneワイヤレスコントローラーのトリガーランブルモータの交換 guide. This guide requires soldering.

Part: Xbox One controller trigger vibration motor

Tools required: TR6 Torx Security ScrewdriverTR8 Torx Security Screwdriver, Spudger, soldering station tweezers (recommended)

LED On The Controller Will Not Turn On

My controller is working but the led appears off

Burned LED

If your controller is working but the LED is not on, it might be because it is burned out and you will have to replace it.

Damaged Connections

There might be a problem with the connections between the LED and the power of the controller. This could be either because it has fallen or a beverage has been spilled on it. The best option is to open the controller and check the connections with a voltage tester.

I need a plastic part that goes under the ABYX buttons with the silocone conductors in it, but I can’t find one anywhere.

Conor the Random Human - 返信

my right trigger auto fires soon as i press the left trigger! meaning its total trash when i play a shooting game or any game that requires either left or right trigger! i just bought it and its already broken!

mikelana - 返信

Hey did you ever found the issue or fix for this problem because I’m having the same problem like you and it’s really annoying thanks

joefox111 -

It's happening to me as well. Did you find an soultion?

Mandipkunwar -

Thank you I bought 4 of these and 2 out of the 4 shoots while I am aiming down sights

For you non fps players…when I pull the left trigger its malfunctioning and pulling the right trigger as well

Jaquantez -



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