Opening the lid does not turn on the device

Make sure to connect the charger to be sure the device is getting charged. There is a light on the back by the USB port that lights up when the Shield is being charged.

If the battery will not charge, power off and reboot device with charger unplugged. Upon reboot, plug charger into the charging port located at the top of the controller. If neither of these suggestions work, a replacement charging cord, and/or standard 18650 lithium ion battery (2450 mAh) may be needed.

It is possible that nothing appears on the display but the button with the Nvidia logo is still lighting up when the Shield is opened. If this is happening the display may have to be replaced.

The gamepad does not respond to the user at all

Before opening the device, make sure there is no residue that may cause the button to stick down. Take a toothpick or pin to scrape away any residue under the buttons. Next, use a cotton swab with a solvent, such as rubbing alcohol, to wipe away the rest of the residue.

It is likely the USB or HDMI cable is bad than the USB port. Try another micro USB cable. If the new cable doesn’t work, the USB port may be damaged and will have to be replaced.

Assure HDMI cord is securely connected to the HDMI port located at the top of the controller. Disconnect and reconnect to assure firm connection. If neither of these suggestions work, test the HDMI cord with another device assure HDMI cord is functioning properly. If not, your HDMI cord may need to be replaced.

Nothing is shown from my PC on the Shield display

Be aware that the hardware and software requirements for connecting the SHIELD to your PC are VERY specific. You can find the list of requirements here.

Make sure that streaming is not being blocked by a firewall from the computer or the wireless router. Be sure to disable your firewall or add an exception for the device.

Not all games are supported for PC game streaming to the Nvidia Shield. Here is the current list of supported games.

Check to make sure the Wi-Fi for your Shield is turned on by going to settings, then Wi-Fi. Your shield may not be properly connected to the network, so try resetting the Wi-Fi option by turning off the device then turning it back on.

My screen does not work but when I open and close it slot it works and now it don't work at all

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wifi still doesn’t work on the thing

i had it ofr 6 moths before it stopped connecting

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