Nook is Frozen or Won't Turn On ¶ 

The screen is frozen or won't turn on and no actions can be made.

Battery is Completely Drained ¶ 

Plug the nook into the AC adapter for at least two hours to restore battery life

Battery is Not Properly Installed ¶ 

Remove the battery and reinstall it. This can be done by removing the back unscrewing the battery removing it and then putting it back together.

Additional Memory is Not Placed Properly ¶ 

If you have added an additional memory card and the contacts are not correctly lined up this may have caused the nook to freeze.

Black Lines on Nook Screen ¶ 

Black lines or spots on nook display.

Restart the Nook ¶ 

Try turning it off, waiting 30 seconds and turning the nook on again.

Bad Display ¶ 

Display is defective and needs to be replaced.

Nook Doesn't Hold Charge ¶ 

Battery only works when device is plugged in or holds charge for only a short period of time.

Drained/ Bad Battery ¶ 

Purchase a replacement battery.

Broken AC Adapter ¶ 

AC adapter is bent, ripped, or worn out and no longer charges the device.

Replace the AC Adapter ¶ 

The nook uses a micro USB cord so it can be easily replaced with any micro USB power cable.

Broken or Shattered Screen ¶ 

nook was dropped or damaged somehow causing either a cracked or shattered screen

Replace the Screen ¶ 

See our guide on how to replace the screen.

Unresponsive Buttons or Jammed Buttons ¶ 

Expected action is not performed when a button (power, "n" button, or volume buttons) are pressed, or buttons have become jammed in and not functional.

Soft Reset the Device ¶ 

To fix unresponsive buttons, soft reset the device. To soft-reset the device hold the power and "n" buttons together for 10 seconds, then to turn the device back on hold the power button for 5 seconds (as opposed to the usual 2 seconds).

Fix a Jammed Button ¶ 

See the guide on how to fix the button, the device will have to be taken apart and the button realigned.

My Nook won't charge, and says it has 10% power or less at all times. It discharges even when plugged in, and then shuts down.

Linda - 返信

Hi Linda,

The problem you describe indicates you may have a bad battery. Please check instructions in this forum or online search for replacing the Nook HD /HD+ battery.

Good Luck!

Art -

ive had my nook just over month and i have had a lot of trouble with it a lot of the time when im trying to do a task it will cut out even when i was trying to get surport it cut out and i am sending this from my laptop

sally young - 返信

Hi Sally,

If your Nook HD/HD+ simply cuts off then you may have a bad battery and may have to replace it. There are instructions here in this forum and YouTube on doing a battery replacement.

Art -

im not happy with my nook it will not let do any google tasks or play a game with out cutting out

sally young - 返信

How do I fix my Nook HD +?

after restarting it would only load till 99% and its stuck there.


Lindy Rosalie Caberio - 返信

Mine is stuck on 99% also..please help

swellman655 -

mine too. what the !&&* barnes and nobles?

Erik -

Hi Lindy, Swellman & Erik,

Please see my reply below to Cheryl for information on how to restore your Nook HD/HD+. Based on your postings it appears your devices are experiencing boot loop.

Art -

My nook won't turn on. While on charge it always shows a red light, even if charged for days.

Davinder - 返信

Hi Davinder,

If your Nook HD is still showing red on recharge this indicates a possible battery problem. There are excellent videos on YouTube on removing and replacing your Nook HD /HD+ battery. Hope this helps. Good Luck

Art -

Mine is stuck at 99% too. Tried the soft reset and still nothing. Not sure what else to try.

Cheryl - 返信

Mind is also doing this have you had any luck fixing the problem sine nov

Tami -

Mine is stuck on 99% also does anyone have an answer on how to fix?

mhouk - 返信

Cheryl, Tami and Mhouk,

The issue all of you seem to have is your Nooks may be in boot loop. This means the start up software has failed at some stage of the boot up process. Your options should be a soft reset first. If soft reset of your Nook HD / HD+ doesn't work you will have to do a complete factory rest which will restore your Nook back to the factory setting.

If the factory reset doesn't work there is another option to restore your Nook HD /HD+ involving reinstall of the Nook HD/HD+ operating system.

Art -

My nook wont charge i bought a new charger for it all it does is flash red please help me. I dont see any screws on it

annie blair - 返信

Hi Annie,

Sorry about your Nook having charging issues. Based on your brief description below are some things to attempt to get your Nook HD to charge normally;

1) Plug it into the wall charger, and leave it overnight. Forget about the button.

2) Plug it into a PC via USb and leave for 4-5 hrs.

3) Press and hold power button for 5 seconds (After the above two steps).

4) Press and hold power button for 30 seconds.

5) Press and hold power button and the physical 'n' button for 30 seconds.

If the above steps don't restore your Nook to normal charging ( green light turning to orange (Charging) to green (fully charged), please provide more details on what issues or problems you had JUST PRIOR to your Nook not charging. In particular, is the new charger you purchased an ORIGINAL Nook accessory?

Good Luck!!

Art -

When doing a reset what is the'n' button and where is it? I'm on vacation and don' have my booklet.

homer7 - 返信

hi my nook was dead I put it on the charger first it had a green light, now its turned to orange and wont turn on. what should I do?

taje'ana - 返信

same i dont know how to fix it but i think i know what the problem is. so there is a a safety switch in the battery. an after it loses so much charge then it wont let you charge again. but did you not charge yours for a long period

kingtut 963 -

Hi everyone. my Nook Hd+ is dead, won't power up and I don't have a charger for now.

is it possible to charge it with an Apple Ipad charger?

Mayowa - 返信

Yesterday, my battery was charged 100%, today it says it can't start because the battery is too low. I haven't used it since it was 100%. I tried restarting it, but it won't shut off.

dianalits - 返信

If you hold the power button & the U button on the bottom, push them both at the same time, it will power down. I've had to do this with mine quite a few times now. It will freeze and can't do anything with it. I think for the money, it should work a lot better then it does. Thinking of getting a Kindle.

smiliey -

i am asking about replacement screen, when reinstalling screen there is no groove in the glass what do I do about this

butchstormy - 返信

My nook has a line halfway down one side and completely across the middle. Can it be repaired?

malou142 - 返信

Mine has that too and I can not turn it on. There are white vertical lines on the left side and across the middle horizpntally.

sophia3mcdonnell - 返信

My nook will not power on at all. When I plug it in I can see the charging light flash for a second turn orange and the off. I have tried holding multiple combinations of buttons but nothing has worked. My computer keeps saying it doesn't recognize the device too. Any suggestions? Maybe a new battery?

jazzmatazz46 - 返信

My nook will not turn on. I've charged completely (the light turns green) and tried many ways go do a soft reset etc but it doesn't turn on. Please Advise

Shelly Wragge - 返信

Mine is doing the same thing. Have you been able to fix yours?

CReed -

Mid update my nook continually shuts down and won't finish. However it won't let me do anything to change settings or use. Just resets over and over.

Rebecca Leonard - 返信

My nook will kick me out of a game and go to main to start over and over

wh1058 - 返信


I am having problems trying to get onto the shop, everytime i go to browse its says-

Sorry. a problem has accurred. please try again.

please can you help as i would like to purchase more books but cannot.

thank you rachel

Lee Savage - 返信

My does the same, what did youdoo

juliejess24 -

My shop won't load up or searches , anyone help

juliejess24 -

hi can anyone help im trying to go on to the nook shop via my nook but it wont load up it just says a problem has occurred , please try again can anyone help me please

lisamason8910 - 返信


I've had my Nook for close to 3 yrs and haven't had any problems until just recently. After it's fully charged, I turn it on. It goes up to 99% and then goes black. I tried holding the left-side button with the bottom-Nook button. A small black sign appeared "Factory Reset" which lasts about 1 second. How do I do "Factory Reset"? Look forward to reading your answer. Thanks, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lopez - 返信


I've had my Nook for close to 3 yrs and haven't had any problems until just recently. After it's fully charged, I turn it on. It goes up to 99% and then goes black. I tried holding the left-side button with the bottom-Nook button. A small black sign appeared "Factory Reset" which lasts about 1 second. How do I do "Factory Reset"? Look forward to reading your answer. Thanks, Elizabeth

Elizabeth Lopez - 返信

My old nook factory resetted itself, then it would not go throuygh the wifi set up, i had $100+ worth of books, now i cannot acess any of them help


That’s my issue too. Grandson had it and IDK what happened. It’s stuck in setup mode and I cannot enter my password.

Lee Reed -

My Nook Tablet is not charging, even though it is plugged in. I keep getting the "Battery is too low to power on, connect to power source." Message. It has been plugged in to my usual charger, its actually pretty new. Any way to fix this?

MieshMan - 返信

That's what mines doing too ??????

Charlie -

It turns on but pop ups stating the "unfortunately home page, twitter, Google play services and many others have stopped." I don't know what to do. Help?

Nicol Bair - 返信

Mine too. Tried soft reset. Why is this happening?

lesev63 -

If I do a factory reset do I lose all my downloaded books?

June Garrison - 返信

My nook will not turn on I have had it on the charger for at least 4 hours I was wondering if I need a new battery

Charlie - 返信

No. They are still in your Library. You can access your library from any device online at Barnes and Nobles website. You will just have to reinstall the books you want to read from the library.

pankton99 -

why the screen will not work properly

ani - 返信

Hi, my nooks volume isn't working. I click on You Tube and play and I get no volume, I can't hear anything. I can't hear anything when I go to play my movies on google play. I turn it all the way up and all it says is mute. I went to settings and played with the sound buttons and nothing. I've powered down and pushed the N button and turned back on for 5 seconds and still nothing. Please help me.


Anna - 返信

Hello my Nook HD plus is stuck on the black NOOK screen... I've tried to push and hold the power and home key it seems to turn it off, reset doesnt happen. It's out of warranty

Shelia Williams - 返信

Hello, I have a nook that won't take a charge. Should a light yellow or green glow as it's charging?

teepez - 返信

I just plugged in my Nook, after it being unused for about 2 months. I have had it plugged in at 11:35, and it has been charging since. The orange light is on, and whenever I try to turn it on it shows the icon that shows that the battery is charging, but nothing else happens. Please help me fix this problem.

Hollyleaf0262815 - 返信

I bought my nook little over two years ago. It has sat since about the 2nd month on my shelf because the battery is shot and well quite frankly this the worst 350 dollars i ever spent. Now after trying to get the thing to turn on and after 5 hrs plugged in it still wont. I advise NO ONE buy this product

butterflykisses2016 - 返信

Nook Color won't turn on, tells me to plug into a charger. I have it plugged into a Nook charger. No battery light on. Flashing in red "please connect your charger". Help!!

Yvonne - 返信

Soft reset didn't

jcqlnbales - 返信

I just got a new nook hd+ and when I go into one book and then switch to another book, the original book is still selected. I have to either shut it down or change profiles.

Kenny - 返信

My nook tablet power button won't work and I tried to turn it on even when I charge it til 10% it still won't turn on

Ghast Warrior - 返信

I don't use my nook as i should, yet from day 1, the battery seems not to hold a this bad batteries that come w/nook? or is the Nook itself not good enough to hold battery charges? Nook was fully charged and was off, yet when i reached for it, it was completely dead...what up?

iblobar - 返信

I was using my nook today and it was running out of power so I plugged it in and it starting installing an update. It says it will take a few minutes... It's been a couple hours and hasn't updated yet. This is very frustrating, is there a way to fix it? If I unplug it the screen goes black, if I plug it back in it starts "updating" again.

Dani Greenwood - 返信

Hello my nook is 2 years old but used 3 times, I am very suprised my ear piece stopped working considering it's been used 1 time .. any ideas

kisses2u1999 - 返信

my nook is allowing me to download the book onto my computer, but says 'user is not activated' when I try to open on my nook. All other books have not been a problem.

ellishoward34 - 返信

The orange light turns on the nook when I plug into the charger , but 4 seconds later it turns off. I've had it on the charger for at least 30 minutes and the green charging light still won't come on

kaileyking63 - 返信

My Nook was at 100% last night haven't used it

I just plugged it in and turned on and drained all the way down. Why is it doing this please help!! I have had this problem since Sunday and have to keep charging it every day. Never had this problem until now and had my Nook for 3-4 years.

jada peterson - 返信

my nook used to work fine but now comes up unable to load data when I try to shop, internet connection is ok . can anyone help please? thank you , Sylvia

bulldartrowe - 返信

my nook hd does not respond to unlocking. It is fully charged? I have tried a soft reset to no avail. any suggestions?

Eva Stone - 返信

My Nook is currently stuck on a black screen and it says that it is 'setting up profile.' The off button only puts it into sleep mode, the home button reawakens the nook to that screen (as does the power button) and the volume buttons son't do anything whatsoever. I tried to let it run out of battery but it has been stuck on the screen for roughly two and a half days. I've got no idea what to do.


martinavis - 返信

In the lower left quadrant there is a square of space that comes up empty when reading, play game, or shopping. What should I do?


yesfirebird - 返信

i just got a brand new nook tablet 7 it powers up normal but when it should be getting to the home screen it stays black and the only icon that shows up is the arrow it makes noise when i touch it a's i feel it were working i have tried powering it on and off i'm very mad.

Abby Jade - 返信

My wife and I just got two brand new nook tablet 7s and we are having the same issue?

Kenneth Cain -

I have same problem

Caner Saka -

I just bought my third charger for my nook but it just turns on the green light when charging and after a few seconds the green light turns off and it does nothing while plugged in

Albert Einstein - 返信

My nook won't let me type anything it totally frozen what should I do

Noora - 返信

My nook won't let me type anything the screen is totally frozen it even won't let me

Restart it

Noora - 返信

I think I have something turn off cause I can't play my games they will come on but when trying to play goes but to open to start

Sheila Harris - 返信

I have my nook that i bought like 8 years ago, it has always worked. i have had it plugged in for a whole day and its still showing that i dont have enough charge to turn on. I have not used the device in 2 years. The orange light is on, and it blinks occasionally.

Geri Vedia - 返信

if the hard reset fails on the NOOK HD+ how can i reinstall the OS?

Rylee Lewis - 返信

Profile help.. I just got this Nook, I was able to put my name into profile but that's all.. it's been saying "setting up profile .... please wait" for two days !!

adorazna - 返信

I plugged my nook in for about an hour, but the light at the bottom lights up green for 2 seconds, switches to orange for 5 seconds, and then goes blank. I tried soft resetting it and pressing every button, but the screen is still black. Any suggestions?

Jack Duffy - 返信

Why can't I download Netflix on my Nook?

Linda Tison - 返信

My Nook is just a black screen and I enter my password but then nothing happens. It's just a black screen and all there is is a back button but it doesn't do anything. I swipped for the notifs on the top of the screen but it doesn't do anything. PLEASE HELP

Albert Einstein - 返信

My NOOK doesnt hold a charge, and I have been dealing with this for awhile, please help.

Maddie And Emma - 返信

My nook was kicking me out of my book and bringing me back to HOME saying I was reading that book on page 1. Would take me forever to get back to the page I was on, would read a couple pages and then the nook would kick me out again, go back to HOME saying I was on page 1 again. Read all these comments, tried the soft reset explained here. Seems to be working ok right now. Try that soft reset and see if it helps. I also have seen in the past that the screen gets dirty and needs to be cleaned. That helps too.

nancy obrien - 返信

My nook keeps restarting and takes me back to the "nook, read forever" page. Every time it I get back to the lock screen, it shuts off again, and it keeps repeating. Please help

Tawab Hamid - 返信

My nook overheated and turned off. Now it will only turn on if it's plugged in. If I pull the charger out it turns off.

Pam - 返信

Have a new Nook Tablet 7. On the second set up screen (select a Wi-FI network) I receive the message (authentication problem) on IP address, network, and home, and cannot complete the screen

garymccully - 返信

I am unable to "jump to another page" and a box appears in the center of the screen with the following options: Speech rate, Go to bookmarks, Table of contents, Define a word, add or delete a book....and bright yellow highlighter appears.

Marjorie B Berger - 返信

My nook is apparently “jammed”. the screen is frozen in the start-up screen and the arrow continues as though the unit is starting up…..what do I do?

Michael Frazer - 返信

Nook switches on,gets wifi, then it goes straight to ‘error’ all the time??

Christine Macdonald - 返信

I have the nook 7 inch tablet. My battery is constantly low and it says that it has 1% power for like a whole week and the only way I can get it to charge if if it completely dies first. It also randomly shuts its self off and then gets stuck in this loop of starting over and over again. It's really annoying and I wish I had waited to buy a more expensive tablet that was made better.aby ideas to make me hate it less?

jenna Langsmith - 返信

My nook for some reason just changed its own password. it either was a really weird glitch or I was hacked. can someone tell me how to reset it using the charger? I am using a macbook.

AvaMarie Ulrich - 返信

My nook stopped working and it is frozen on “Welcome you your all-new nook” screen I can do is turn it off and turn back on. What do I do?

Noyah - 返信

My nook stopped working and it is frozen on “Welcome you your all-new nook” screen I can do is turn it off and turn back on. What do I do?

Noyah - 返信

my nook’s a button won’t work

Nicholas - 返信

my nooks a button only works sometimes but its starting to never work

Nicholas - 返信

The audio narrator on my nook is stuck on and the touch screen will not let me slide. It will only let me double click. So I can't turn it off. Help please!!

Melissa Harper - 返信

The audio narrator on my nook is stuck on. And the touch screen won't let me slide. It makes me double click so I can't even turn it off. Help please!!

Melissa Harper - 返信

My nook tablet 7 will turn on and off just fine but after its ask for the pin the screen stays black and I only have the back button and the notication bar showing will not do anything else. Tried to do a factory reset but the “n” button is not on the touch screen due to blackness. Slightly aggrivating

Jenna Fisher - 返信

I just received my nook for Christmas & every time I turn it on there is a blue line(horizontal), on my screen. It stays there & doesn't go away. Please help…thank you!

T Breece - 返信

I just received my nook for Christmas. Every time I turn it on, there is a blue horizontal line on my screen, that will not go away. Any help is appreciated, thank you.

T Breece - 返信

The home button doesn’t work most times, I have to reset just to switch books. Really frustrating because I switch between the books I read to my son and my own book.

And now the foolish thing will not turn on, even when plugged in. My husband got it for me in October and it has been extremely stressful. it’s got TWO buttons, how can you have two buttons and not have them work!!!! It’s not rocket science . . . we have on/off, then we have switch to home. My previous nook worked, this one does not.

Debbie St. Onge - 返信

My Nook is 3 years old. It’s locked at the 99% and won’t charge. Plus the battery area gets really warm and I’m afraid to leave it plugged in overnight.

Mary Lynch - 返信

My NOOK is 3 years old. It’s ‘locked’ at 99% and the battery area gets really warm when plugged in.

Mary Lynch - 返信

the gboard keeps saying ‘stopped’, this is brand new and I have not even had the opportunity to do anything… help please

Jay Rufus - 返信

when I plug my nook in the light will turn green, then orange for about 10 seconds, the dissapear completely. Will not charge.

Noodlzgaming - 返信

My nook hd keeps giving me warnings that the battery is “critically low", even when I can see in the settings that it is (sometimes even fully) charged. It then shuts down and makes me restart the device. I don't think it is a battery issue, but is there a way to troubleshoot? Simply shutting down and restarting does not seem to work.

Kayla J - 返信

I just got a new nook from Barnes & Noble and I cracked the screen already!? I tried to press the screen and it won’t work when I swipe or type. What can I do? I really don’t want to buy a new one. Please Help!!

Shelby Heaton - 返信

Hello, my nook simple touch won’t let me read past a certain point in my book. It will shove my back to my library ans when I go back to the book it takes forever and it always goes back to the same page and not even close to where I was reading before. I just want to read this book ):

Jordan - 返信

My nook’s keyboard won’t show up and I can’t reset it because I can’t connect to wifi.

Noelle Stoddart - 返信

My wi-fi says I'm not connected although I am. Also, it doesn't show my sd card. Please any help welcome.


I updated my Nook HD+ and now it won't download my new magazines or books. It just sticks on 0% and never moves. I have it hooked up to my Wi-Fi and there is excellent signal.

stormchels2 - 返信

My Samsung Nook says Error. Unable to connect to the Nook service. Please try again later. What do I do?

Pati Wiegand - 返信

I need help with my Nook hd+ , I recently got my uncles Nook tablet and I rebooted it and tried to begin the set up as if it was new.There were no further problems with it selecting the American English, then which the time zone , then typing my password for the WiFi with it says it’s correct and it’s connected but continues to say that there’s a problem with the network . I don’t know what to do to get passed that step or successfully move passed that step ! Please help me …

Kenya - 返信

I’m having the same issue. Sound like someone tried to fix something that wasn’t broke. I was going to give this as a gift to one of my older family members since this would be easier than a book at times but I can’t do that if I can’t get passed the setup screen!

Darren Winsett -

My nook reset itself, now I connect to Wi-Fi ( which is excellent by the way) it tells me that there is a network problem and takes me back to the same page every time. I don't know what to do.

Awesome Armer - 返信

Did you ever find out how to move forward from the network problem??

jasmincrawford18 -

The slot that the UBS cord plugs into, the prongs inside are bent or missing. Can’t charge my nook. Can this small piece be replaced?

yevorngaskins - 返信

I had reset my nook hd because i had forgot the password and now it won’t let me get past the WiFi setting part it says connected but after that it will say network problem what should i do ?

jasmincrawford18 - 返信

my nook got hot and went back to the setup screen and its stuck and won’t go pass ‘‘ lets get connected’’

Derrick Mayfield - 返信

I somehow lost my keyboaed on my nook so it is asking for password and I can’t get into it cause I have no keyboard

Andrea karam - 返信

I plug my nook in and the light by the port flashes green then orange and Shuts off

KDT_YT - 返信

My nook won't erase and factory reset

csanroman83 - 返信

My nook has way to change from one app to another without turning it off.please tell me how to fix this

Ethal Combs - 返信

Yes it has no means to change fromone app too another

Ethal Combs - 返信

Need something on my nook so l can nagivate from one app too another without turning it o

Ethal Combs - 返信

My nook won't come on it just stays on the black nook page why?????

Rebecca - 返信

My nook doesn’t turn off and the screen is black in top it says main camera and in bottom it says back

Fjo - 返信

Could you please tell me why my nook home button disappeared and how to get it back. Thank you!

sweet.donna - 返信

my nook is unresponsive when i try to swipe it right to unlock it. What do i do?

Cody - 返信

My nook is on mute and I've tried the volume button and it turns up but it has a line through the sound icon. What should I do?

Amberly - 返信


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