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Magna Outreach Troubleshooting

Identified by prominent Magna and Outreach decals. Model number 8206-96TJ.

Brakes are squeaky ¶ 

When applying the brakes, they emit a squeaky or screeching sound.

Adjust angle of brakes ¶ 

Use an Allen wrench to loosen the brake pads, and adjust them to have a slight toe-in. The front of the brake pads should angle slightly inwards towards the rim.

Brake pads need replacing ¶ 

If readjusting the brakes does not fix the squeaking, it possible that the brake pads are bad and need to be replaced.

Brakes do not stop bike quickly enough ¶ 

When applying the brakes, they don't slow down the bike quickly enough or fail to work at all.

Use barrel adjusters to tighten brakes ¶ 

Rotate the barrel adjuster located on the brake handle in a counter-clockwise direction to slightly tighten your brakes.

Adjust brake cable ¶ 

If the barrel adjusters did not tighten your brakes enough, then you will need to adjust your brake cable. Using an adjustable wrench, loosen the nut on the brake that holds the brake cable. Pull the end of the brake cable away from the bike to tighten your brakes. Be sure that the brakes don't make contact with the rims when you're not pulling on the brake handle.

Handlebars are loose ¶ 

The handlebars wiggle or move when weight is applied to them.

Tighten handlebars ¶ 

To tighten your handlebars, use an Allen wrench to tighten the screw located on the front of the handlebars near the reflector.

Chain fell off ¶ 

The chain has fallen off either the front or rear gears.

Replace chain ¶ 

To replace your chain, lay the chain across the top of the front gear. Place the chain on the rear derailleur. Push upwards on the derailleur to slacken the chain, and then place the chain around the top of the rear gear. Lift up the bike so the rear wheel is off the ground and spin the pedals to work the chain back on to the gears.

Wheel wobbles ¶ 

The wheel wobbles when riding.

Wheel not mounted correctly ¶ 

Use an adjustable wrench to remove the nuts holding the wheel in place. Replace nuts, making sure that the wheel is mounted correctly and is not crooked.

Tire not seated correctly ¶ 

Remove the wheel and deflate the tube. Use a pair of tire levers to take off the tire, and then replace the tire, making sure that the tire bead is correctly seated all the way around the rim.

Broken or bent spoke ¶ 

Remove the wheel and deflate the tube. Remove both the tire and tube from the wheel, allowing access to the spokes. Remove the bent or broken spoke, and insert the new spoke into the empty hole. Tighten the new spoke until the wheel is straight.

Replace wheel ¶ 

It is possible that the rim is damaged beyond repair, and should be replaced.



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