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Unresponsive Touch Screen

The LeapPad screen will not respond or has a very slow response to touch.

Dirty Screen

Clean screen using a microfiber cloth. Gently remove any dirt, crumbs or anything that could be lodged between the screen and the plastic cover of the device.

Cracked or Damaged Screen

A cracked or damaged screen will likely need to be replaced. Instructions for screen replacement can be found at LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Screen Replacement. To prevent this from happening, avoid using any objects on the screen other than designated tools or fingers.

Faulty Connections

If there are no visible signs of damage to the LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate, the screen may be disconnected from the motherboard. To repair this, you will need to reconnect any loose cables that have been disconnected from the motherboard. For instructions on accessing the screen and motherboard, please visit LeapFrog LeapPad Ultimate Screen Replacement.

Speaker Not Working

The LeapPad is not making any sound or is making distorted noises.

Distorted Sound

You can replace it with a new speaker. To prevent this, avoid getting things into the speaker and overusing it.

Battery Not Charging or Holding a Charge

The LeapPads battery is not charging or is malfunctioning.

Faulty Power Adapter

If the battery isn't charging, one issue may be a faulty power adapter. Plug the adapter into an active power outlet and use a different device to ensure the adapter works.

Battery Exhausted

To rectify these issues replace the battery. This problem can occur due to age of the product or general mishandling. It can be prevented with careful handling and by not overheating the battery by overusing the LeapPad.



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