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LG Optimus L9 P769 Troubleshooting

The front screen has been damaged (scratched or cracked).

If the phone's front screen is damaged you may need to [無効なガイドリンク] to replace the screen.

The screen appears dim, off colored, or dark.

If possible go into the phone settings and look at the display options. While in the display options, see if the phone’s brightness can be adjusted to a visible or desired setting. If adjusting the brightness on the phone did not work, check to see if the auto-brightness has been turned on. If so turn off.

If altering the display settings of the phone was not possible or did not yield any results, the proximity sensor may be the issue. Go back to the display settings and turn the auto-brightness on. Locate the proximity sensor (a small circle in the left topmost corner in the phone) and place your hand over it for 15 seconds while the phone is on. If no change happened in the brightness in the screen the the proximity sensor may be damaged and you may need to [無効なガイドリンク].

If your LCD or Digitizer screen appears black, cracked, or the color is distorted, then the phone’s LCD will need to be replaced. You will need to [無効なガイドリンク]

When using your phone to capture pictures, the images seem blurry, shadowed, or distorted.

If you have shattered or cracked the lens of your back camera, then you will need to [無効なガイドリンク].

If the phone does not have any visible cracks or scratches on the camera lens,there may be something wrong with the camera sensor. First, restart the phone. Once the phone is restarted go into the camera settings make sure that everything matches the factory default settings. If you are not in a well lit area make sure that the flash is on, then proceed with taking a picture. If the picture is still distorted or shadowed you will have to [無効なガイドリンク].

If the flash is not working try going into the phone settings and check to see if the flash is turned on. Go ahead and turn it on if it was originally in the off state. Take a picture and if the flash still is not working, you may need to [無効なガイドリンク].

Your sound settings may be set to low or off. This may occur accidentally by pressing the buttons on the side that control volume. If this is the case then going into settings and raising the volume should solve the problem. If it doesn't it may be due to a damaged part.

If there is low/distorted sound coming from the speaker port, first check to ensure that the sound settings are on. If the sound is on and there is still low/distorted sound then the speaker may be disconnected or damaged. If it is then you would need to [無効なガイドリンク].

If there are headphones at use first try using another set of headphones before coming to any conclusions. If there was no change in the audio then the audio-out jack may be damaged and you may need to [無効なガイドリンク].

If home button sticks when pressing it, try cleaning it using a small brush. If that does not work and the buttons do not respond, consider replacing the button sensor. Go to the [無効なガイドリンク].

The phone remains off whenever I press and hold the power button

Remove the back case and make sure the battery is in the phone and properly connected. If the is properly connected and the phone won’t turn on, charge the phone and then try turning on the phone. If that doesn't work then the battery most likely needs to be replaced.

If the battery isn't charging or holding a charge then it needs to be replaced. You can find a replacement battery on online retailers like Amazon or eBay.

My sleep button works. But my volume and home button do not. Seems like a software issue because they can wake the phone just like the sleep/wake button. Any ideas what might be up

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