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Display is broken ¶ 

My screen has been cracked and/or shattered.

The screen has shattered ¶ 

This could have been from fall damage or from your phone getting it’s screen hit. The only way to fix a broken screen is to replace it. Your screen replacement can be found at HTC One Front Panel Replacement

Battery will not charge ¶ 

Battery will not charge when plugged into charger.

Check your power outlet ¶ 

Before opening up your HTC One, check that the power outlet the phone charger is plugged into is operating correctly. Plug another device into the same outlet to make sure power is being delivered.

Check your charger ¶ 

Try using your charger to charge a similar device. See if the charger has the same effect on the new device. Alternatively, try switching your charger for a new one. See if the new charger improves your battery life. Please note that the HTC One may charge slower on generic USB chargers. Using a HTC brand charger my improve your results as well.

Replace Battery ¶ 

If the above do not solve the battery issue. Your battery must be replaced.

Battery replacement can be found :

Battery will not hold a charge ¶ 

Battery drainage is greater than normal. Battery lasts for very short periods of time.

Reset the charging logic ¶ 

To reset the charging logic, charge the device for at least 10 minutes. Turn off the device, but do not unplug it. Once the device is off, push and hold down the volume up, volume down and power buttons for two minutes. After two minutes let got of the buttons. The charging logic is now reset. Allow the phone to charge to 100% before unplugging.

Replace Battery ¶ 

If the above do not solve the battery issue. Your battery must be replaced.

Battery replacement can be found :

My speaker is blown ¶ 

No matter what you do, you can't get any audio to be produced from the phone. If audio is produced, quality is very bad.

Check volume is turned up on phone ¶ 

Using the phones volume buttons, turn the phone to the highest volume

Replace Speaker ¶ 

Due to dropping the phone , water damage, or other factors, the speaker may need to be replaced. Replacing your speaker can be found :

Camera does not work ¶ 

Camera app does not load correctly or crashes

Close camera app and reopen ¶ 

Double tap home button and drag the camera upp upwards or downwards to close. Go to Camera app and tap to open it.

Check camera settings ¶ 

Go to settings > Apps > Camera > Force Stop

Restart phone ¶ 

If the camera does not work after checking the phones settings, then press and hold the power button to restart phone. Now open the camera app after phone restarts.

Replace camera ¶ 

If none of the above fixes the camera issue, a new camera I needed to replace the one in the phone. Camera replacement can be found here:

Motherboard is Overheating ¶ 

My phone gets very hot.

Open HTC One to Access Motherboard ¶ 

Open up your HTC One using the HTC One Teardown instructions and the iFixit tools to avoid damage to the phone.

Remove Motherboard ¶ 

Unscrew the two screws in the battery connecter, instructions and diagram can be found in Step 8 of the takedown manual.

Place Motherboard in Freezer ¶ 

This temporary fix will cool the motherboard and allow you to continue using your phone for a limited amount of time. After the motherboard has cooled in the freezer, place it back into the HTC One and screw the battery connector back in.

Replace Motherboard ¶ 

Purchase new motherboard and replace it, using Step 8 from the takedown manual once again.

I was charging my htc one phone with a bad charger and the charger made a big noise and went off with my htc one phone since then it refuse to come up what might be the problem with my phone

Dolly Anthony - 返信

I need an answer

Dolly Anthony -


Try replacing you phone with a different one ;)

rajthebest -

Salve.. da ieri sera il mio HTC è completamente impazzito.. va sulle applicazioni recenti in contunuzione, lo toglie, rimette.. Non so che fare le ho provate tutte l'ho acceso, spento ho disinstallato Youtube (tutto ció è accaduto mentre guardavo scherzi su youtube), ho scaricato AVG antivirus(mi pare che si chiami così) come posso risolvere? Mi era spuntato un problema ed ho messo 'risolvi" ma nulla.. magari adesso meno ma c'è sempre... Come posso risolverlo? Grazie in anticipo

Annamaria - 返信

how to fix purple camera problem?

toufiqnishu - 返信

Hi everyone!

I need some help with an htc one m7. The microphone on the bottom wasn't working, i substituted by a new one (usb dock board charging port + microphone) and substituted by a new one too this bottom piece (Bottom Loud Ringer Earpiece Speaker Buzzer). But the problem maintains. The earphones connection doesn't work too, i'm suspecting that i need to substitute the up board where is the other microphone and earphones connection, but i'm not shore about that. My question is, if someone can give me a tip to solve this problem. Thank you for yours attention.

Miguel Andrade - 返信

Notifications sounds very well in de same speaker even ring tones, but music and video won't sound. Please what's de problem?

Faith Miyang - 返信

my volume is very very low. it shows I'm in call volume. I received a video call from a friend and now little to nothing volume, help!!

jean park - 返信

my htc m7 was reformat. now, everytime i download any application, the apps cannot be installed.. any help? how to troubleshhot this??

Katrina Mae Tolentino - 返信

I can't hear voice calls when someone is calling me even when me l call someone can't hear me since Wednesday

Sindisiwe Cindy - 返信

Head phones not working but it shows its been connected I can't even play music through bluetooth, camera won't start.

Muzan Douglas - 返信

My HTC phone cannot give sound any type. But when me attached hand free or speaker it give sound .boom sound button is on but I try alot to turn off it but I am fail to change it remains on please give me a solution of this problem

Sideem Munir - 返信

My htc one phone stopped working for playing any type of sound.boomsound is turn on .I try my best to turn of it but I phone give sound only when me attach handfree or speaker kindly give me a solution for my my phone it work normally

Sideem Munir - 返信


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