Garmin GPS V Troubleshooting

The Garmin GPS V refuses to turn on despite repeated attempts

The power button on the front of the unit should be pressed and help down for several seconds. Pressure should be applied and let off once the unit powers on.

If your Garmin V has not been used recently or left on, the batteries may be depleted. Make sure your Garmin V is plugged into a wall outlet or computer and then look for activity. Your Garmin should recognize that it is plugged in to a power source and begin charging. If your unit refuses to charge or doesn't hold a charge for very long, you should replace the batteries.

If your Garmin V won't turn on, try removing the micro SD card before starting the device.

Your Garmin V may appear to be off because it has a bad display. Power the unit on and listen for any activity inside. If you hear a familiar sound such as a tone or vibration, it's likely the display is broken and it must be replaced. To replace display, refer to Installing Garmin GPS V Display

If your Garmin V isn't communicating to the computer or wall outlet, it may have a bad logic board. To replace logic board, refer to Installing Garmin GPS V Logic Board

The Garmin V isn't getting a satellite signal on power up

If the GPS has been unused for a long period, the ephermis data may be out of date. The device needs to be reset by choosing "new location" in the menu.

The Garmin V should be powered on and allowed 15-20 minutes to acquire a signal outside. The ephermis data may be old so it will need time to receive new satellite data.

After the unit powers on, the screen turns off and features horizontal line

Turning off the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) function on the Garmin V will provide a temporary fix for this screen issue. WAAS can be turned off by pressing the "menu" button twice to get to the main menu. Then "Setup" must be pressed by using the rocker keypad and pressing "Enter." Once the WAAS option is found on the system tab then it can be disabled.

The latest firmware for the Garmin GPS V can be downloaded on Garmin's website. The issue was fixed in version 2.60.

When using the Garmin V, it tends to shut off automatically from time to time

Any use of the Garmin V that results in vibrations or shocks such as a bicycle or vehicle may temporarily shake the batteries loose from their contacts. This can be fixed by putting a spacer in the battery compartment or taping them in.

Devise shows only power battery icon

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Is there a way to go and open to fix the battery

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Can we open to check battery or have to send to garmin

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My GPS shut off and on could be the cord or battery

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My garmin will turn on when plugged in but immediately shuts off again.

What could the problem be? The led on the cord is on.

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