Canon PowerShot A610 Troubleshooting

Make sure the camera has full battery. If the camera has't been used in a while or you don't know the condition of the batteries in the camera, this can be a simple solution to your problem.

The battery cover might not be completely shut which will cause a bad connection. Make sure the cover is fully closed.

Check to make sure you have a memory card installed in the camera. Also, make sure the memory card is fully inserted into the camera.

Make sure the memory card you are using is compatible with the Canon A610 camera.

You get a blank screen on power up even when taking pictures, pictures come out black.

Sometimes a camera may turn the display off to conserve battery. Make sure the camera has full battery and test the display to see if this solves the problem.

There have been numerous reports of a bad batch of CCD's sent out to Canon during the production of this model. It is a very good possibility your CCD went bad. Replacement of the CCD will most likely solve the issue.

If the LCD screen is cracked then you will have to replace the LCD screen.

No matter what you do, the zoom lens will not extend out of the camera housing.

It is the common solution to any problem and this time it might actually work. It's worth a shot before we begin dissecting your camera.

If your camera won't turn on, and therefore won't extend the zoom lens. The batteries might be dead. Insert 4 new AA batteries to see if that does the trick.

If none of the above problems seem to be the case with your camera, it is possible that the zoom lens is broken and needs replacement. We sell the zoom lens to the A610 and offer a step by step guide on how to replace it.

Check to make sure the Flash is not turned off in the camera settings.

The flash on a camera uses up quite a bit of power and if the battery on your camera is dead/depleted, the flash will not function properly.

Make sure all screws are tight and that the case is fully closed.

The flash might have burned out if the camera's flash is used often. If over time the flash has stop working the most likely source of the problem is a burned out flash bulb that needs to be replaced.

Off On switch doesn’t work—new batteries—cleaned battery connections. can the switch be replaced? all other listed comments are OK ?? It has been a wonderful camera

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