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Beats Mixr Troubleshooting

No matter what you do, when you try to change the volume on your headphones by pressing the buttons on the remotetalk cable, the phone does not change the volume.

Before buying a new remotetalk cable, make sure there is no dirt in both the phones' headphone jack and the Mixr Beats headphone jack. If you find dirt in either of the jacks, simply use an air can to spray out any dirt that may have collected. If you do not have access to an air can, you can also use a dry Q-tip to gently clean out any residue.

Your phone may need to install the latest software. For Iphone users, you can go to settings, general, Software update, and install. Other cell phone users without ios may have limited functionality.

If your cord has experienced any water damage, or any wires are visible than it may be best to order a replacement remotetalk cable for your headphones.

When your music plays there are odd sounds such as snapping, crackling, and popping.

The remotetalk cable may not be completely plugged into both jacks, so make sure to unplug them and then plug them in again.

If there are debris in either of the headphone jacks there will be distorted sound. For cleaning information, read the above sections.

You can only hear music play on the side of the headphones that the cable is plugged into.

Some Beats come with two different cables. You may be using the wrong cable. To fix this, simply switch out your cable for the other one that was packaged with the headphones.

Your cell phone may be the cause of the uneven distribution of sound. First connect your beats to your phone and then select the Bluetooth option. Go to preferences, output, and then even out the volume from either the left or right side to the middle.

New Beats. Now they won't play both channels unless the button on the cord is pressed in. YES the right ends are where they should be and in all the way. I've looked on a lot of tech support sites for experienced people &advice but nothing but frustrated people dealing with this issue getting stupid runaround advice is all I've found. It took a long time for me to decide to spend this amount of money on this item for me. I'm now worried it was a mistake - after 3 uses I can't use them..... WTF?

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