I am an iFixit enthusiast and you will probably see me lurking around on the Answer Forum here. I LOVE taking apart electronics with my Essential Electronics Toolkit from iFixit.

So far my favorite things to repair are iMacs (non cathode-ray tube) and pretty much any Laptop from Apple. My least favorite things to repair are Dell Laptops, ick!

Fun fact, I am an aspiring 14 year old from Colorado and I have already earned my Apple Teacher badge in both iPads and Macs. My dream job is to work for Apple when I am older

I currently repair and fix iPads and MacBook Airs for my High School, and earn extra credit for every machine I fix. ;-)

In case you were wondering, @ajcooke02 is my alternate account I use when I cannot login to this account. I keep it somewhat active too because I don’t want to start from square one if I lose this account!

Thanks for taking the time to read this!

BIZ: cooke.aaron18@svvsd.org

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