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My name is Bhrett Farrar and I’m a Sophomore at South Arkansas Community College. I chose to major in Process Technology. I plan to become a Process Engineer and work close to home. My special skills include mechanics, electricity, and troubleshooting equipment. I have several things that I’m proud of. A 1977 Chevrolet Pickup that I fixed. A 1947 Ford pickup, and 8 1991 Dodge D250 trucks. I’m constantly fixing my equipment and have experience with repair work.

I have received the Honesty and Integrity Award, and had an award named in my honor. In my spare time, I enjoy working on my trucks and tractors. I also rebuild engines and work on transmissions. This project relates to me because I’ve always enjoyed working on anything and learning. A fun fact about me is that I live in the past. I enjoy old music and like old vehicles. I’ve never enjoyed modern entertainment, so I stay in the old days. I look forward to helping with ifixit!