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Hey there! My name's Jessica, and welcome to my Virtual Mess Lab!

I love to perform/read teardowns, and taught myself my own approach to fixing devices. I would love to help repair cars, but I don't think my methods are street-legal/safe...Then again, I've seen duct-taped bumpers…

I’m a Windows/Android person through and through, but I also support Mac OS/iOS, since it offers some features the former doesn’t have.

My first laptop I ever owned was an Acer Aspire AO722P netbook, running Windows 7 Home Premium. I loved that little thing, even though the CPU was garbage (1.0 on Windows Experience Index, for those who remember that), since it could do things that seemed impossible. It never gave me a BSOD, never froze up or crashed, and ran pretty damn hot. The integrated graphics were rated better than the CPU. (It used an AMD C-60 with integrated Radeon HD 6290 GPU. The graphics were better than the entire machine itself.)

I currently reside in Arlington, Virgina, a stone’s throw away from our “great” president known as Donald Trump. I don’t get involved that much in politics, but some days I wish I could Thanos-snap him out of existence. (Does that secretly happen in Infinity War/Endgame? I wonder…)

Feel free to ask me anything, although I can’t guarantee it’ll be answered, since I’m still learning myself! But before you ask, try restarting! Seriously, it could potentially solve your problem on your own! I can be contacted through here, or through my email: Don’t you even dare try and spam me. I will block you.

Happy fixing,

Jessica P. Fawkes

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