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Why hello there.

My name is Scott, aka Scotty, aka the Ocean King with lots of Seashell Bling (I may or may not have made that last one up...).

I work at iFixit as someone who breaks things and sometimes gets them back together in working order.

I graduated from Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo (better known as SLO by just about everyone) and tried to leave SLO. SLO didn't like that and sucked me right back in. Here I am over my favorite place:

Block Image

I studied Biomedical Engineering and have a soft spot for the human body and electronics (An odd combo, but my mother always told me opposites attract). I've done some cool work in embedded systems that tie into human physiology. It's some pretty neat stuff if I do say so myself.

Outside of ifixit I play around in the outdoors (namely hiking, surfing, backpacking, skiing, and anything fun). I love art. And I have a serious fear of missing out...

I also work as an ocean lifeguard at Avila Beach during the summer! If you are ever there, swing by the tower and say hello! Here are some of my fellow lifesavers after paddling from Avila to Pismo:

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