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IPOD Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

jimfleisch -

iPod Touch 2nd Generation

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

iPod Touch 2nd Generation Battery Replacement

Very difficult


After charging overnight my battery would go to red line in a few hours.


The repair went very smoothly. The hardest part was getting the ipod apart. The 7 Philips screws were difficult. Of the 7, 5 came out ok, but 2 had head damaged by the time I was done.... but there was enough left to reassemble though, so all worked out well.


One important piece of advice. The ifixit instructions list a #00 Philips screwdriver under tools however I needed a #0000 Philips to get the screws out.

iPod touch (Gen 2) Replacement Battery画像
iPod touch (Gen 2) Replacement Battery


Metal Spudger画像
Metal Spudger




Lead-Free Solder画像
Lead-Free Solder


Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F画像
Soldering Iron 60w Hakko 503F


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