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screen replacement

Jared Hansen -

iPhone 4S

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement

iPhone 4S Screen Replacement




cracked screen


Had I taken my time and taken more care when disassembling the phone, I would've spent much less money with this repair. To begin, truth be told, I bought a cheap screen from amazon for the repair. That was my first mistake and it just gets better from there. The cheapo screen from amazon failed right from the get go. Blank white screen, no apple logo and a hard rest and itunes reset did nothing. I ordered a screen from ifixit and begain to dissassemble the phone for the second time. While taking the phone apart for the second time I managed to rip the battery cable and power and proximity sensor flex cable. The latter of which really sucked to replace. Luckily though I managed to find the step by step instructions for all the repairs and reassemble without issues. Believe it or not, the stupid phone started right up with no issues! Everything works perfectly! Thank you ifixit!


Pearl of wisdom.... go slow

iPhone 4S Screen画像
iPhone 4S Screen


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