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1.5 hour job

jrewa -

iPhone 4

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement

iPhone 4 Speaker Enclosure Replacement



I dropped my phone face down in the driveway...of course I new the result before I picked up the phone. "So this is what it's like to have a broken front screen." I didn't like the broken glass feeling on my fingers as I was swiping the screen. I knew I needed to fix it ASAP. iFixit is my go to repair site and I ordered the supplies immediately. I ordered the used product since it was inspected and in working order. Perfect condition. Looks brand new.


The pair was almost exactly 1.5 hours. I had no bad experience. I bought a magnetic mat and had everything labeled and in order. That was the key. So thankful for the magnetic mat. It's like a have a new phone. Loved the experience and detailed photos.


Go for it. You can do it. Be patient. Don't rush. Get a magnetic mat. Have the set of good tools. Order some. You will used them over and over. Cameras. Glasses. It is well worth it to have good tools.

Magnetic Project Mat画像
Magnetic Project Mat


iPhone 4 and 4S Speaker Enclosure画像
iPhone 4 and 4S Speaker Enclosure


iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen画像
iPhone 4 (CDMA/Verizon) Screen


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