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Power Supply Installed, Thks IFIXIT

knoykrmencita -

iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266

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iMac Intel 20" EMC 2266 Power Supply Replacement



My computer didn't turn on. I took it to an Apple Store. They told me that this Machine is a Dinosaur. they didn't have the part and didn't gave me warranty if the part is not original.


I start looking on the internet how can I repair the computer. Then I see a video on youtube. I place the order, the order arrives the exact day it say in the order. Everything in the box was in perfect condition. While I watch the video I was doing all step by step. In about 18 minutes I have my computer back and working perfectly.


IFIXIT is very trustable. The videos are very specific on the screws, cables, everything. I am a Pastor and My wife is a Grapphic Artist, all our work was in that computer, was very frustrating when the people from MAC told us nothing can be done. Thks IFIXIT, we have everything back and working perfectly.



Phillips #1 Screwdriver画像
Phillips #1 Screwdriver


Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)画像
Heavy-Duty Suction Cups (Pair)


TR8 Torx Security Screwdriver画像
TR8 Torx Security Screwdriver


TR10 Torx Security Screwdriver画像
TR10 Torx Security Screwdriver


TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver画像
TR6 Torx Security Screwdriver


iMac Intel 20" 2.66 GHz EMC 2266 Power Supply画像
iMac Intel 20" 2.66 GHz EMC 2266 Power Supply


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