Senior UI/UX Designer

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We need an exceptionally talented User Interface Designer who has successfully shipped web applications and wants to help us fix the world. We're always looking to improve the experience of our software's design and would love having a talented UX/UI designer take it to the next level.

Here's some more information on working at iFixit

  • Experience designing intuitive web applications.
  • The ability to design and implement your own creations.
  • HTML, CSS, & LESS writing capabilities.
  • Experience with mobile app and responsive web design.
  • A minimalist sensibility.
  • Work closely with our other designers and engineers to craft and implement our plans for world domination.
  • Prototype rapidly and iterate toward perfection.

This position is a tremendous opportunity to make the world better through design. We believe that design strongly influences culture and that constraints inspire rather than limit creativity. The design of our software and repair manuals is the vanguard of a worldwide cultural backlash against consumerism and toward repair.

Think you have what it takes to raise the bar? E-mail PDFs of your resume and links to your online portfolio to


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