1. 緊急呼び出しキーボードを開きます。 コードを*#*#7378423#*#*と入力します。 サービスメニューから「カスタム設定」を選択します。
    • 緊急呼び出しキーボードを開きます。

    • コードを*#*#7378423#*#*と入力します。

    • サービスメニューから「カスタム設定」を選択します。

    i cant do that with Sony Aqua M..PLEASE HELP

    qlitia - 返信

    should I press call afterwards? no service menu pops up , it just says : call not sent not an emergency number

    Witbooi M - 返信

    Doesn't let me do anything! Help?

    Jordan Favel - 返信

    When i enter this code it says that it's not an emergency number...What to do now????

    Ansh Vardhan - 返信

    Same problem .not emergency number ?..?

    Mix Kewl - 返信

    thank you worked great 3 minutes

    goof slayer - 返信

    same: is not an emergency number

    reyazada - 返信

    nakalimutan ang pincode

    cristilyn.reyes - 返信

    bonjour j’ai prêté mon tel et la personne à mis un MDP, maintenant je suis complètement bloque, impossible de rentrer dans le tel si je ne rentre pas le mdp

    Ghislaine Beber - 返信

    J'ai taper le code et cela ne fonctionne pas ..

    Marine Bideau - 返信

  2. 「カスタム設定のリセット」か「カスタム設定のリセットと再起動」を選択します。 このアンドロイドシステムは全ての個人情報を消去し、工場出荷時の状態に戻すためにスマートフォンを再起動します。 このアンドロイドシステムは全ての個人情報を消去し、工場出荷時の状態に戻すためにスマートフォンを再起動します。
    • カスタム設定のリセット」か「カスタム設定のリセットと再起動」を選択します。

    • このアンドロイドシステムは全ての個人情報を消去し、工場出荷時の状態に戻すためにスマートフォンを再起動します。

    Thank you so much I found one of many of  my Daughters old mobiles but she couldn't remember any passwords to unlock the phone thanks to your information I have been able to unlock the phone and had the best surprise ever some wonderful photos of  1 of our horses and 1 of our dogs who are in pet heaven and photos of my Dad’s 80th birthday celebrations a few years ago with all the family these are so special as my Father my Hero passed away recently so to see his happy smiling face looking at me melts my heart.

    Thank you

    Tracy - 返信

    I tried to follow the above process. after entering the code in emergency call mode, when I tried to press the call button the screen reflects a message “this is not an emergency number. hence call not forwarded”

    ksnmurty - 返信

    I tried to follow the above process. after entering the code in emergency call mode, when I tried to press the call button the screen reflects a message “this is not an emergency number. hence call not forwarded”

    ksnmurty - 返信

  3. うまくいきましたか?
    • うまくいきましたか?

    my phone is nt taking *#*#7378423#*#* says it's nt an emergency number

    sphelelexulu - 返信

    this suckss....it cant even work on sony xperia m aqua

    qlitia - 返信

    Hi my phone says the same what do i do

    tamara pryor - 返信

    My phone does the same as everyone elses, its my old phone but as my pne is broken i need to now use this phone for awhile, just cant remember the pin for the life of me, anything else i can do please, thank you.

    kelly - 返信

    no. I tried to follow the above process. after entering the code in emergency call mode, when I tried to press the call button the screen reflects a message “this is not an emergency number. hence call not forwarded”. If there is a way out please suggest the same. thank you

    ksnmurty - 返信

    Dude, It Goes Till Customization Sttings and The Goes to Reset customisation and then returns back to the same lock screen

    Rohan Suresh - 返信

    its dosnt work …..

    bachalebchir - 返信

    Bonjour, je n’ai pas réinitialiser le handset avec ce code….Il y a t il un autre moyen ?


    jean-pierre BROU - 返信



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I didn't get the Customization Settings option. i just got "Service info", "service settings", and "Service tests"

kennynguyen0829 - 返信

There is no customization settings option so how do we reset ????

roy7ster - 返信

Because of high Android version.You have to reflash it with Sony PC Companion:

Sony PC Companionでファクトリーリセットをし、Androidの問題を解決する


ZFix -

I did it! Thank you, i was able to unlock it and all my pictures and music are still there! :)

Miri - 返信

Ahhh great I made it thanks

tkmuparadzi - 返信

Many thanks for a great fix......worked first time . My biggest problem was lack of memory for the password. Senior moments again. Ta.ta

mcmen - 返信

I did it correctly and still wanted the pattern to reset phone....help

Kenny Vorhees - 返信

What is the error message says? You can read this article to unlock the password without losing any data: http://bit.ly/28Xsybd

kersonzine -

I have two Sony xperia phones non of them will hard reset.

Subzero - 返信

its not working for me. I enter in the code in the emergency call but nothing happens.

Tim Hudson - 返信

Not for me either

joelholmstrom -

Tim did you get a reply?im having the same issue?I need my pho.e desperately..

Serena vega -

what should do after *#*#7378423#*#*

if am calling than told that it is not an emergency number

mukesh - 返信

Did you ever get passed this step?

nicholekeepsmiling -

I keep getting same

Elaine Barker -

Ohhh.. i was soo tensed on what to do now.. and that Code allowed me to go to settings and start the wifi through which i could enter my username and password and unlock it. THanks a lot for this video

Smilu - 返信

Hi ..i tried to use the code given but still can't reset my phone ...due to forget my patern lock. Is there any other ways i can unlock?

tamtader - 返信

How to unlock forgotten pass code from Sony xperia pm -0160-bv ?

asnajeeb - 返信

My top half of my screen is cracked so I can't touch the three

Ayla - 返信

I know my lock screen password but i cant remove it from setting-security becose my none option in security is disabled by administration, encryption policy or credential storage. So what can i do now please sugest.

akshay kore - 返信

The only thing mine says is service info service setting and service tests

Irma gomez - 返信

My phone only says service info service settings service test and that's all what Do I do

Irma gomez - 返信

maraming salamat po..val patelo.. luzon av.quezon city

bobby - 返信

maraming salamat po..frm val patelo LUZON AVE QC

bobby - 返信

I have 1.7 years old Panasonic Eluga I Android phone. It was misplaced so I remotely erased through Gmail Account. Now I have found it. When I power it on then only WELCOME screen appears with emergency dialing pad and nothing else.

When I tried hard reset by Vol Key up and down with power button then Factory Reset screen pops up and no other option is working so that I can proceed ahead. What to do next. I am in great need. Please help me out.

Ramsharan Kumar - 返信

My phone says this is not an emergency number

Jaime Lewis - 返信

For the phones with newer Android OS you have to use Sony PC Companion:

Sony PC Companionでファクトリーリセットをし、Androidの問題を解決する

ZFix -

people help me i'm using a sony experia model E2105 the hard resert service does not work on my phone

tiegodelay8 - 返信

I can see the customization settings. Please I need directions

Raphael Blackie - 返信

I can't see the customization settings plz

Raphael Blackie - 返信

Hi mine says you cant make a call

tamara pryor - 返信

mine didn't go through is there any other method of unlocking it

Aganyi peter - 返信

i forget my sony xep xz pin now my mobile lock how to i unlock or reset my phone

please help me

jeish - 返信

hey I have sony x10i I just can"t find customisation option I only see three things viz

1.service info

2.service settings

3.service test

please help............

ayanda mveli - 返信

thx alot, i lost this phone 3 years ago , and now i forgot my pattern, AND THANK YOU

Justas Tamošiūnas - 返信

I can’t turn on my Xperia play. :( help

cat zeta jones - 返信

Sony d213 full ricovre

Ajay Dongre - 返信

plzz help me my password is forgot sony xperia m9+

ejhay - 返信

Please I can't dlfind customer reboot on my phone is only service info,service settings, and service tests…..please help me out I beg you

Yeboah Qwabena Matthew - 返信

hi. i entered *#*#7378423#*#* on emergecy keyborad, but every time i completed it, the keyboard kicked me out, and i had to enter the code again, but keyboard kicked ,e out again, ad again, and again, what i should do??

matěj Hlinka - 返信

I'm not getting the setting option on the emergency dialer after I put in the reset code. What do I do?

Mellisa Pillay - 返信

Merci beaucoup sa été une bonne aide

Karine Allison - 返信

Merci d'aider les gens comme nous

Karine Allison - 返信



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