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Sony Xperia Z3 Compactのバックカバーを取り出すためのガイドです。

  1. 圧着剤を柔らかくするため、カバーの端に沿って温めます。
    • 圧着剤を柔らかくするため、カバーの端に沿って温めます。

    • 最適な温度は120-150度で約1分間当てます。

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  3. 吸盤カップをスクリーン上に装着して、デバイス上部に隙間ができるまで引き上げます。ギターのピックをその隙間に差し込んで、バックカバーの下に付けられた圧着剤ステッカーを切り込みながらスライドします。
    • 吸盤カップをスクリーン上に装着して、デバイス上部に隙間ができるまで引き上げます。ギターのピックをその隙間に差し込んで、バックカバーの下に付けられた圧着剤ステッカーを切り込みながらスライドします。

  4. バックカバーを取り出します。
    • バックカバーを取り出します。



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I think this guide shows how to open a phone that's already been opened. I have seen another that showed all the glue between the battery and the back cover that can take a lot of effort to remove, plus once done then (if it was before) it will not longer be waterproof.

Paul - 返信

I replaced battery cover and I heat up new one. It looks like it become waterproof again.

Vladimir Gorshunov -

It will no longer be waterproof, unless you are using the exact same quality and amount of adhesive as the original one, and you press the back glass to the phone as hard as it was before.

If not, then it is hardly waterproof.

Thingalong - 返信

I used a domestic hair dryer for about 2 minutes to heat the back of the phone which softened the glue enough for the rear panel to be removed. A layer of glue remained around the frame. The replacement part also had a gummed edge and stuck quite firmly without needing any pressure.

I reheated the rear to soften the new glue and then held the phone in two small clamps gently but firmly until the phone had cooled (overnight as it was convenient).

The phone is waterproof.

IanW - 返信

Do not forget to clean the phone (remove the rest of the glue sticking on the phone). It will fit better with no old glue.

duesseldorfhahn - 返信



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