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分解する前にバッテリーカバーを温めます。 分解する前にバッテリーカバーを温めます。 分解する前にバッテリーカバーを温めます。
  • 分解する前にバッテリーカバーを温めます。


”ゆっくりと丁寧に”バッテリーも温めてください。 ”ゆっくりと丁寧に”バッテリーも温めてください。 ”ゆっくりと丁寧に”バッテリーも温めてください。
  • ”ゆっくりと丁寧に”バッテリーも温めてください。


基板から外すため接続されているフレックスケーブル3本に留められた4本のネジを外してください。 基板から外すため接続されているフレックスケーブル3本に留められた4本のネジを外してください。 基板から外すため接続されているフレックスケーブル3本に留められた4本のネジを外してください。
  • 基板から外すため接続されているフレックスケーブル3本に留められた4本のネジを外してください。


メインカメラ、フロントカメラ、アンテナワイヤーフレックスケーブルがあります。 これで基板を取り出します。 これで基板を取り出します。
  • メインカメラ、フロントカメラ、アンテナワイヤーフレックスケーブルがあります。

  • これで基板を取り出します。


ヘッドホンコネクターと呼び出し/カバー/シグナルアンテナモジュールがあります。 ヘッドホンコネクターと呼び出し/カバー/シグナルアンテナモジュールがあります。 ヘッドホンコネクターと呼び出し/カバー/シグナルアンテナモジュールがあります。
  • ヘッドホンコネクター呼び出し/カバー/シグナルアンテナモジュールがあります。


黒色のプラスチックを持ち上げてLCDライトフレックスケーブルの接続を外します。それから右側からフレックスケーブルを取り出して、次の手順に移ります。 黒色のプラスチックを持ち上げてLCDライトフレックスケーブルの接続を外します。それから右側からフレックスケーブルを取り出して、次の手順に移ります。 黒色のプラスチックを持ち上げてLCDライトフレックスケーブルの接続を外します。それから右側からフレックスケーブルを取り出して、次の手順に移ります。
  • 黒色のプラスチックを持ち上げてLCDライトフレックスケーブルの接続を外します。それから右側からフレックスケーブルを取り出して、次の手順に移ります。

Thats not the cable for the homebuttons its for the LCD screen

cedricjprahl - 返信

You are right. I will correct it.

ZFix -

次の解体に移る前にタッチスクリーンを温めてください。 次の解体に移る前にタッチスクリーンを温めてください。 次の解体に移る前にタッチスクリーンを温めてください。
  • 次の解体に移る前にタッチスクリーンを温めてください。


新しい交換用のパーツを組み立てましょう。 新しい交換用のパーツを組み立てましょう。 新しい交換用のパーツを組み立てましょう。
  • 新しい交換用のパーツを組み立てましょう。


これを移せば修理は完了です。 成功できましたか? 成功できましたか?
  • これを移せば修理は完了です。

  • 成功できましたか?




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Same procedure with Sony Xperia Z2?

Fredrik - 返信

How do you warm it? With what and what temperature ?

Jeroen - 返信

with a hairdryer for like 3 min on high

Peter Tembo -

With hair dryer.

ZFix - 返信

Same procedure with Sony Xperia Z1? Where do i get the screen parts?

chrgro - 返信

The procedure is similar. You must use hot air to separate the Touch scree & LCD display from the frame. Of course, the disassembling have a difference.

ZFix - 返信

Need to know where to get parts so I can try it out. My screen had one big Crack, I got !@#$%^ and cracked it more

Todd K

Todd TA Kozlowski -

And the only part whats needed is a new compleet screen or is there more needed? Something likeglue or tape?

Jeroen - 返信

hi, I Have Xperia Z Last Month it Was Brokan On My Hand..In Case Is Touch Glass Broke

I Was Contact With service Center..he was Told me to change it complte screen

but Problem is it only touch Pad broke , so how do change complte

help me

balu - 返信

I just try to change the digitalizer only but it's really hard to remove it without braking the LCD.

I'll recommend to change the glass and the LCD. You will receive assemble AND with new adhesives.

Laurent Foldes -

same problem,did u got solution for this

praveen -

Earlier this month i woke up and my screen was really dark android os was running but only visible under bright light. Then the brightness started flickering, then went dark again. All my notifications work when people call my phone rings i just cant see. Can replacing the screen fix this problem? Ive heard people say fix the backlight but i have yet to find the replacement part. Please i really need help!!!

aporterfield93 - 返信

Is it a must to remove the motherboard when I disassemble the screen from the phone?

Billsur - 返信

I prefer to do this because i am heating and straining the front bezel during the separation.

ZFix -

Everythink looks great but something is missing

How will I install the back cover?

It is a water proof device after all.

Avi Itschak - 返信

plz answer where do i get xperia z display

Ashwani Panchal - 返信

There are many choices on ebay. I'm not sure which one you need

Benjamin Lagace -

I replaced the screen with no issues but now the microphone doesn't work. I ordered a new flex to replace it, installed it, and still no mic. Any ideas?

Matthew Wilson - 返信

My microphone doesn't work after replacing the display. I ordered and installed a new flex but still no mic. Any ideas?

Matthew Wilson - 返信

help when i used my black 3m tape adhesive the front glass pushed off from the bottom what do i use to make the screen stay in

westonentertainmentltd - 返信

Is the procedure for replacement of only the digitizer the same as for both digitzer and lcd?

And to seperate digitizer from lcd is heating needed or...?

jorgengarp44 - 返信

I have done the following, but i have diassembled the touch screen keeping the lcd. Now I assembled again, but the screen remains white when i switch one. I don't know what I can have done wrong. Any help?


Xavi Palacin - 返信

Maybe until disassembling you damaged your LCD display. The only way to find the problem is to try with another working spare part.

ZFix -

What if your LCD is fine and the screen is the only thing that's cracked? Is there a way to only replace the screen?

Rebecca - 返信

They are glued. To separate them you must have a special equipment and a lot of experience.

ZFix -

How to fix back cover after screen replacement??

Will my xperia z still waterproof?

Neerazmeharchand - 返信

To be water proof again, you must use adhesive sticker especially for the model, like this for Xperia Z2, Step 13:

Sony Xperia Z2のディスプレイアセンブリータッチスクリーンとLCDディスプレイの交換

ZFix -

I can talk French?!

Hamza Najid - 返信


I managed to replace my broken screen thanks to this guide. Thank you for that!

Unfortunately I´m facing now new problem after mounting phone back together - I can´t get any sound out from the ear speaker and loud speaker. Does anyone have any idea what could gone wrong? I´ve already checked cable connections to the motherboard, but no luck.

Andre - 返信


I did change the whole frame including display and digitizer. Then I reassembled the device, tried the functionality but now the vibro motor is permanently vibrating. Do anybody has a explanation or a solution for this problem?

Thank you

janko04 - 返信


I successfully replaced lcd, but now wlan signal is very low and dropping. If I connect or disconnect antenna cable, the reception signal is the same, so maybe I damaged green pcb under vibrate motor? Is there anything else that I should check?

David Kotar - 返信

hi ive just done this and everthing is fine but like a couple of others the mic isnt working. ive tried another flex and still the same problem, did anyone solve this, thank you

thorpee4 - 返信

can I replace my c6602 mainbaord with c6603?

Afif visualfighter - 返信

Is this the same procedure for Z Ultra?

Sarah - 返信

hi i have sonny xperia z1s and screen cracked i ordered a screen with frame so it would be easier to change it but i got z1 screen and frame would z1 screen and frame fit to my z1s?

tolgacihni1993 - 返信

My Xperia Z only has damaged backlight but i can still see the screen working but at super low brightness. Do i have to change overall screen or there are certain parts for it

Wan Aidl - 返信

Hi, is it possible to replcae an xperia Z black frame with a white one ? or the replacement part must have the same color to fit ?

Bella Mujere - 返信

I have a cracked screen only, I ordered a new one off eBay but came with a frame. Now do I have to change all my motherboard, cameras, basically everything into new frame and screen or can I simply take the screen out of new frame purchased and replace the cracked one currently on my phone? Thanks

liamgray807 - 返信

the battery, there is a nail to pull out

Polmer Sokoguru Manalu - 返信

Price of display pdf screen

Ashish Shah - 返信

Pls how can I get Sony Xperia z screen online? I really need for the replacement of the broken one that I have..my email is olusanyaf@yahoo.com

olusanya femi - 返信

Where buy original LCD?

jorge arnes - 返信


I want to get a new display because my phone's display is not working properly. Left and right sides are not working from last few days. How will I get it?



hxiiiin - 返信

Hi, similar problem here. It might benefit others to know that some phones are very fussy about the EM permeability of the touch screen; the reason for low signal could be that simple. I am working on a Z and using my idea would allow a screen replacement to be graded without ever opening the box so if substandard could be sent back unopened (most sellers refuse to refund if screen is used at all) the same method can also be verifiably used to evaluate non OEM batteries and compare to the original to see if they are genuine new, genuine used or counterfeit.

testingh - 返信

Merhaba ben anlamiyorum hic LT36i ile C6602 ekranlari aynimi ayni cerceve falanmi kullaniliyor iksindede?

Elshen Murshudov - 返信

superbe vraiment tres tres interessant merci

Hakim Nabet - 返信

j'ai suivi ta réparation sur l'asus mémo pad 172v j'ai réussi a flashé mais il reste un problème elle est trop lourde je ne sais pas si c'est un virus ou autre

Hakim Nabet - 返信

I recently changed the lcd for my sony Z5 and the screen doesn't lid up. If I look at it from an angle, I can still see the display and messages, BUT very very DARK. Anyone know what the problem is?

alex - 返信

my sony z3 is crack scrEEn..

And i havE a sOny z1 nOt wOrking

ArE thEy cOmpAtiblE

zhad10 - 返信

I recently changed the lcd for my Xperia Z, at first it worked fine but after 4 days it just stopped it doesn't sense anything when i touch. Anyone who knows how to solve this problem?

Nompumelelo Mthembu - 返信

Hello dosto mujy sony experia ZR ka docomo unit ki zarorat hy agar kisi ke pas hy to plz mujy is number pe call kijiyi 03475774372

Hello To Future - 返信

Very difficult? 40-50mins? ..not really

I did it without heating any part in almost half an hour.

Btw you should do something with images quality, anyway thanks for sharing dude!

Jan Almashan - 返信

Thank you for this guide !

R. D. - 返信



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