1. This is the back of the device and where you will begin to take it apart
    • This is the back of the device and where you will begin to take it apart

    • It is neccesary to remove this piece first before removing the bigger back piece.

    • Use the plastic opening tools to pry along the indicated box.

    • Lift up the silver piece to reveal the rest of the back cover.


  2. Unscrew the three 5 mm screws indicated by the red circles with the Philips #00 screwdriver.
    • Unscrew the three 5 mm screws indicated by the red circles with the Philips #00 screwdriver.

    • Using the plastic opening tools pry along the bottom of the device, moving to the sides of the cover to the top.

    • Remove the back cover.

    • At this point use anti-static gloves or do NOT take it apart on carpet.


    • Carefully remove all of the ribbons that connect over the battery from the locations indicated by the yellow circles.


    • Remove all of the 3 mm screws indicated by a red circle with the #00 Philips Screwdriver.

    • Disconnect the battery from the location indicated by a yellow circle

    • Now you may remove the battery. The replacement battery should be 3.7 Volts and 25.9 kWh.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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In Step 3, mention that you need to lift up on the black locks to take out the ribbons.

John Peterson - 返信

Actually, on my device one lock was colored faun (beige). Lift them seen from the edge of the Note, not on the cable side.

dada64 -

Also, mention that you can disconnect the battery from the device by gently pulling out the battery and gently lifting up the wires.

John Peterson - 返信

This is not a plug to be pulled in the direction of the cables but vertically off the board. Putting it back in you simply plug the contacts down first, then the cable side of the plug.

dada64 -

When replacing the back cover, hook the bottom edge into the frame along the edge before trying to snap the rest in place along the sides.

charliesmallman55 - 返信

I have just replaced a battery on my Galaxy Note 10.1. Today, after charging the battery to abt 65 % I attempted to restart the unit but it failed.

I have a figure code to open the programs but it would not accept my "drawing". I also note that the calendar on the front is january 1st (no Year) The clock is also incorrect. The unit automatically connect to my broadband router. What on earth can be wrong or have I done wrong?

Best regards

John Hegg

John A Hegg - 返信

I've replaced my battery and now my sd card is not recognized.

carolinared - 返信

The rear of my Galaxy Note doesn't have the ridge under the camera to ease the back off like your Pic 1.

Any clues as to how to remove the back cover please which appears to be all in one piece with no edges to use my plastic lever ?

Thanks Chris

Chris Hockey - 返信

I broke one ribbon lock (in my device it is black). How can i replace it?

camiloapt87 - 返信

Re step 3: after pulling tape off, look for micro latches on 3 of the ribbons...they lift up...making it easier to remove and then reset afterwards.

S Frank - 返信

Does one really need to buy a rear panel? It is the battery that is going to be replaced right?

Kerry - 返信



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