1. Remove Strap and battery
    • Remove Strap and battery

    • Remove bottom 3 screws.

    • Remove side panel screws from both sides of the unit. Total of 4 screws.


  2. Remove both side panels.  You can use your fingernails or a spudger.
    • Remove both side panels. You can use your fingernails or a spudger.


  3. Fixmasのスピリットを広めましょう
    • Pry off rear cover. Make sure LCD remains in place.

    • There is a thin film of adhesive attaching the LCD to the rear cover. It releases easily with a little pressure. If necessary hold the LCD in place while removing the rear cover.

    • Remove front cover.


    • Use tweezers to push the rod Up a bit.

    • Use tweezers to pull the rod all the way up until the door releases. Do not remove the rod.. let the end remain in the hole.

    • To install the new door use a small piece of tape to hold the spring in place on the door. Make sure it is positioned as shown in the picture. Make sure none of the tape interferes with the doors operation during installment.


    • Install the new door Part # VYK4T91. Line up the spring tongue with the groove inside the battery compartment.

    • Line up the spring with the rod and push down the rod. You are done!! Reverse the steps to put the camera back together.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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