1. Turn off the phone.
    • Turn off the phone.

    • Turn the device over.

    • Remove the battery cover.

    • Insert thumb in the gap between the button and the battery and pry the battery upwards.

    • Pull the battery out of the phone.

    • Insert the new battery.

    • Four 5 mm screws are visible (circled in red).

    • Using the T6 tool, remove all four 5mm screws and set them aside.

    • Insert the plastic opening tool between the front and back panels of the lower half of the device.

    • Slide the tool around the entire frame of the device until it has loosened.

    • Remove the back of the device.

    • Gently twist the antenna in a counter-clockwise direction to unscrew it.

    • Pull the antenna out through the hole in the top of the frame and set it aside.

    • Using a plastic opening tool, lift and remove the antenna casing.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

Information on recycling/disposing of your electronic waste is located under Additional Information on the device page.

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