1. Remove the two T5 Torx screws, then take off the kickstand.
    • Remove the two T5 Torx screws, then take off the kickstand.

    Is this really necessary? You will be working on the other side of the computer and I cannot see why this kickstand removal will help or hinder the main disassembly.

    Dan Johnston - 返信

  2. Use an iOpener or heat gun to melt the adhesive.
    • Use an iOpener or heat gun to melt the adhesive.

    • Insert 21 opening picks under the display.

    • Slowly lift off the display.

    Only separate the top, left and right edges, DO NOT SEPARATE THE BOTTOM. You *will* damage the ribbons on the bottom edge, slightly heat the bottom side after the other edges are freed and gently peel it off using the rest of the screen very, very gently. There is very little glue along the bottom edge.

    Kyle L. - 返信

    As shown in Step 3, and in the device tear down article, there is a hard plastic bezel around the entire chassis, and the glass screen sits in a recess in this bezel. It is the glass that we are trying to remove. After softening the glue, insert your picks down into this recess to lever up the glass. Do NOT insert any long picks or a knife or screwdriver to hasten the separation. If you insert something longer than 4-5 mm into the gap then you might damage the electronic connections built into the back of the glass screen. If these connections are damaged, the display will be ruined (some part of the screen will go blank).

    Dan Johnston - 返信

  3. Fixmasのスピリットを広めましょう
    • Remove the four ribbon cables connecting to the motherboard with a spudger.

    • Remove the 52 screws securing the motherboard to the metal plates and the plastic bezel.

    • Lift off the motherboard.

    what are the specs of all the ribbon cables ?

    rene ramirez - 返信

    • Unscrew the two screws on the mSATA SSD and remove the SSD. (Note: This image is from a first generation Surface Pro, but it works)



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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How do you glue the back on? It looks like the adhesive that holds it on is messed up bad when it's removed.

Nate Barnes - 返信

Hi Nate,

Have you figured this out? I was wondering the same thing.

Adi V -

You have to use double sided tape for electronics. They sell it on amazon. Use 5mm or wider to make sure the screen doesn’t fall out. Heat after application to make sure the glue sets properly.

Aaron Payer -

Wow, I have been contemplating one of these but after seeing that picture with the heat gun, it looks like you might as well consider it a sealed box.

Mark T - 返信

Screen came off just fine using a hair dryer, but my Surface Pro 2 differs from these directions. Specifically, I got stuck not being able to remove the bezel because I don't have a T2 bit. My bezel screws are 5 x T5, 14 x T3, and 4 x T2. That doesn't match the photo shown here in step 3.

Boyd Patterson - 返信

So have you been able to replace the SSD? I have multiple repair shops saying that none of the components can be replaced somehow

Laurens O -

Wow. Why not just add a compartment to change it?

Orlando Perrone (JerzeyLegend) - 返信

Hello, I just change my ssd but now impossible to switch on the surface

ben - 返信

Hi all, i just followed the instructions and replaced the SSD but after I reassembled the device. The surface wouldn’t work at all , i have tried pressing the power button for 30 sec with no luck .

Please help ….


Omar - 返信

meaby it is blocked bu surface bios ? Meaby you have to disable boot keys or something like that

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