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  1. 上部ケースと底ケースを留めている次の10本のネジを外します。
    • 上部ケースと底ケースを留めている次の10本のネジを外します。

    • 2.3 mmペンタローブネジ−2本

    • 3.0 mmペンタローブネジー8本

    For all the screws you use the P5 pentalobe screwdriver?

    Carlos - 返信

    Pentalobe is only for the screws on the bottom cover. The Torx screw driver is for the remainder.

    Fredrik -

    Is the Pentalobe screwdriver mentioned in the tools list? I did not have one so I used a filed down flat blade screwdriver. Not a fantastic idea, but it works.

    Alex Birkett - 返信

    Yes, it's mentioned on the top of this page. P5 Pentalobe to be precise. I didn't have one either, so I bought one from iFixit and that works fantastic. An absolutely precise fit, which is important especially when you might open your MacBook a couple of times during the years you own it. Not using the correct tool might do more harm to the screws than you want! I once had this with a Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, which has Torx screws (T4 I think) and I used cheap Chinese quality tools, with the result that both the tool and one of the screws are damaged.

    addvariety -

    the macbook in the picture is 2012. does it has the same structure as 2013?

    Edison - 返信

    I never, ever, ever considered using anything but the correct tool on the Pentalobe screws. Too easy to strip and void your warranty (if still in effect), as well as make it almost impossible to get inside later for another upgrade or repair. The Wiha P5 Pentalobe screwdriver fits like a glove and costs only about $11 (a fraction of your drive's price)at Get it!

    marketing - 返信

    is P5 supposed to be for all 10 screws? it works on the 2x 2.3mm at the top, but not for the 8x others for me. what size screwdriver for the 3mm? thanks

    monsieurescargot - 返信

    Yes, the p5 works for all 10 pentalobe screw heads for bottom cover. The the different size mm reference only refers to the difference in length of the screws, but again both heads are p5.

    Antoine Thornton - 返信

    I followed this exactly and was able to replace my broken trackpad. I did not have to replace the ribbon OR the battery. However I would suggest getting the ribbon since it’s fairly cheap, as for the batteries I was able to do it with a card only. I didn’t use any heat or the liquid but it takes some time. You really have to work the card in there to release the glue. Also you must be very careful not to bend the batteries or damage them, if you do you must replace with new. This took me about 1.5hrs and my computer works like new. Apple cost for this job was around $450, I did it for $120. Big ups to ifixit for this awesome tutorial, tool set and parts!

    On a side note, only use quality tools, the cheap ones will break or strip the screws.

    Dustin Steward - 返信

    Note that the eight 3mm screws have a shoulder under the head, while the two 2.3mm screws are “full thread”, i.e., there is no shoulder under their heads. It’s important to put the two screws with no shoulder at the hinge of the cover.

    All ten screws require a P5 Pentalobe screwdriver, preferably with a magnetized tip to help hold and position the screw.

    All of the screws have blue “Loctite” thread locker compound on their threads. This is to help prevent the screws from working loose and falling out. Don’t attempt to clean the Loctite from the screws — leave it in place, and it will continue to help prevent the re-inserted screws from working loose.

    When replacing the bottom cover, it is a good technique to insert and BEGIN tightening all ten screws BEFORE fully tightening any one screw. After all the screws have been started, then go around and finish tightening all of them. By doing this, you make it easier to feel that each screw has been started properly, and is not “cross-threaded”.

    doubleclutch - 返信

    A good technique for starting to thread the screws when replacing them is to position and align the screw, and with the driver, gently turn the screw in the REMOVAL direction until you feel and hear a slight click. This click happens when the leading thread of the screw drops off of the leading edge of the thread in the hole — this is the point at which the threads are properly positioned for engagement. You can now turn the driver and screw in the TIGHTENING direction. This technique will help prevent accidental “cross-threading” of the screw, which will damage the threads permanently.

    Note that this is a useful technique when installing ANY threaded fastener.

    doubleclutch - 返信

  2. 上部ケースと底ケースの間に指を差し込みます。
    • 上部ケースと底ケースの間に指を差し込みます。

    • ゆっくりと底ケースを上部ケースから離していきます。

    This takes a bit more effort than you might expect. Put your fingers where shown and lift about 3inches. With enough upwards pressure the plastic holders will “pop free” and the bottom will come off easily.

    hamiltont - 返信

  3. 底ケースは上部ケースと2つのプラスチック製クリップで中央付近に接続されています。 再組み立ての際は、丁寧に底ケースの中央を2つのプラスチック製クリップに接続するように押し込んでください。
    • 底ケースは上部ケースと2つのプラスチック製クリップで中央付近に接続されています。

    • 再組み立ての際は、丁寧に底ケースの中央を2つのプラスチック製クリップに接続するように押し込んでください。

    There are two screws that are shorter-they go to the back near the vent.

    wrbandllm - 返信

    This was already mentioned at the start, it says 2x 2.3mm screws and those are coloured red instead of orange for the other ones in iFixit's image.

    addvariety - 返信

    What is the black vinyl-y sticker on the inside of the case (some sort of shield?). I was forced to slightly puncture it in order to replace the feet on my laptop. Thanks in advance.

    Tommy Huang - 返信

    When I got the back off, I found this piece loose, any idea what it is? about 9mm long frosted plastic

    Fred Anderson - 返信

    This wording I found quite confusing. They just mean when putting the lid back on that you just removed in the previous step, push here.

    Mmm ttt - 返信

  4. 必要に応じてバッテリーの接続ボードに留められているプラスチック製カバーを外してください。
    • 必要に応じてバッテリーの接続ボードに留められているプラスチック製カバーを外してください。

    Do you know where I can purchase this plastic cover? Mine is missing and no one will work on my computer without it.

    jodieabc - 返信

    There is no point on going near the battery or logic board. I cut out these steps with no issue. It is precautionary but unnecessary.

    Jaime Leonard - 返信

  5. スパッジャーの平面側先端を使って、バッテリーコネクターをロジックボード上のソケットからまっすぐ持ち上げます。 コネクターのみ持ち上げるよう確認しながら作業を進めてください。ソケットには接触しないでください。ロジックボードに永久的なダメージを与えてしまうことがあります。
    • スパッジャーの平面側先端を使って、バッテリーコネクターをロジックボード上のソケットからまっすぐ持ち上げます。

    • コネクターのみ持ち上げるよう確認しながら作業を進めてください。ソケットには接触しないでください。ロジックボードに永久的なダメージを与えてしまうことがあります。

    I have a friends MacBook Pro that has some water damage that caused the MacBook not to be able to use battery power, but still work when plugged into A/C. Upon further inspection I can see visible corrosion on a few of the 9 cables going from the battery connector to that small circuit board. Is it possible to just replace that circuit board?

    jramsey21 - 返信

    I have the some problem. I was thinking to replace the whole battery but I am not it will solve the problem. Any suggestions?

    salvatorebarbera -

    Sometimes it can be enough to just clean the contacts without having to replace the entire board. Dosent work for complicated IC's like plcc type, where corrosion is underneath the chip. Here you will have to reheat and reapply the IC.

    andrehedegaard -

    Hi,have you find the solution for your battery? I also have same problem, run with plugs but it battery not supporting… as soon the plug of it goes off

    Jewel Rahman -

    Have either of you replaced the battery and/or circuit board to fix the MacBooks with the water damage ? I have the same problem with the MacBook working fine when connected to power but dying immediately when the power cord is removed.

    Steve - 返信

    Hi, Steve. I had the same problem: Macbook Pro 15 retina with coffee damage. And it worked fine when connected to power. I made it working after replacing the whole battery. It seems that circuit connected to the battery becomes disabled to prevent short circuit.

    Vadim Gribanov -

    When placing the battery connector back into the socket on the logic board, check that every part of connector is pressed down. You should hear a soft click when it's back in place.

    Ethan Tarquin - 返信

    Thanks for the comment. My MBP isn’t powering on after I walked through these steps, and I assume it is because the battery connector isn’t fully connected. (I can’t check yet since I borrowed the pentalobe screwdriver)

    Caleb Steinborn -


    I thought I made sure it was connected but when running the computer it only detected the battery but couldn’t power it. I had to run with power adapter. Also it didn’t charge. I guess some pins were connected but not all. To verify that all were connected I removed the plastic cover, placed it carefully completely flat, and then reattached the plastic cover. After that it worked!

    Jonas Ehrs -

    If I only want to replace the trackpad cable, then which steps should I skip? This step seems unnecessary

    Parth Gudhka - 返信

  6. 修理作業中、アクシデントによりソケットがバッテリーコネクターに接続しないよう、折り曲げて邪魔にならない位置に移動させてください。
    • 修理作業中、アクシデントによりソケットがバッテリーコネクターに接続しないよう、折り曲げて邪魔にならない位置に移動させてください。

    If you miss or let this step for later like I did, the power left in the battery even though the computer is completely shut down, will screw up the I/O board cable like I did. I noticed this after I put all the pieces back, turn the computer on and surprise, no wifi hardware is detected. -.-

    sebasgaes - 返信

    I put a small piece of blue painters tape on the battery connector contacts to prevent it from accidentally making a connection and shorting. This helped keep things a bit more protected.

    LaymanLab - 返信

    That’s a great idea!

    David Lilliebridge - 返信

    I used a small piece of paper to prevent the connector from connecting, no need to wrestle with even low-stick adhesive.

    dbrick - 返信

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  8. ゴム製のファンバンパーをヒートシンクの端から丁寧に外します。 ファンバンパーはヒートシンクの周りに巻かれて、ファンダクトの小さい溝に付けられています。再組み立ての際は、このタブがファンダクトのノッチにきちんと装着されているか確認してください。 ファンバンパーはヒートシンクの周りに巻かれて、ファンダクトの小さい溝に付けられています。再組み立ての際は、このタブがファンダクトのノッチにきちんと装着されているか確認してください。
    • ゴム製のファンバンパーをヒートシンクの端から丁寧に外します。

    • ファンバンパーはヒートシンクの周りに巻かれて、ファンダクトの小さい溝に付けられています。再組み立ての際は、このタブがファンダクトのノッチにきちんと装着されているか確認してください。

  9. アンテナケーブルコネクター付近のアンテナケーブル3本の下にスパッジャーを差し込み、AirPortボードからケーブルを持ち上げます。 3本のケーブルはそれぞれ異なる長さの黒色スリーブでコートされています。再組み立ての際は次の点にご注意ください。 長いスリーブケーブルは中央のソケットに接続してください。
    • アンテナケーブルコネクター付近のアンテナケーブル3本の下にスパッジャーを差し込み、AirPortボードからケーブルを持ち上げます。

    • 3本のケーブルはそれぞれ異なる長さの黒色スリーブでコートされています。再組み立ての際は次の点にご注意ください。

    • 長いスリーブケーブルは中央のソケットに接続してください。

    • 短いスリーブのケーブルはネジの隣に接続します。

    • 最後のケーブルにはスリーブが付けられていません。これをファンの隣のソケットに接続します。

    I struggled with reconnecting these, and in the process accidentally ripped the connector away from the wire. Is there anything I can do to reattached it?

    Vanessa schroll - 返信

    This is most difficult and time consuming portion of this entire procedure. Make sure to lift the connectors straight up - not to damage them. The reconnection of the contacts may take several tries. USE CARE AND BE PATIENT! You will eventually get them to connect.

    Darius - 返信

    does anyone have advice on what is the best tool to use for reconnecting? this is definitely the hardest step to reassembly

    M N - 返信

    When reassembling, I used tweezers to line them up and the spudger to push them down.

    Joshua Johnson - 返信

    thank you Joshua, this helped me get them. they do take a bit of patience but it’s worth taking your time.

    Kevin Lynch -

    everything else was easy... I still haven't managed to figure this step out... good luck in your repair

    M N - 返信

    I got it! line the wire up; push the top part of the metal and give it firm pressure; they should snap in and connect

    M N - 返信

    You'll get 'em in. Work gently. Make sure they're exactly over top the bottom pins. Press down with a flat smudger. It took me a lot of gentle work to get them in.

    Kent - 返信

    I saw the sleeves on these.. and when looking at the replacement display saw they matched exactly and took the chance it was intentional. The only thing that got me.. was the bottom panel screws.. didn't know there were 3 types.. (should have known though, I mean right?! LOL Apple (rolls eyes) They could do like Samsung and use one screw for everything.. but oh no.. there is some OCD engineer that just likes SCREWING with people!

    Tim - 返信

    Pro Tip: When reassembling, do not screw on the metal tab attached to these connectors (part of step 15) until after you have all 3 connected. This gives you uninhibited range of motion for the 3 wires. Go slow as other commenters have said. Start with the shortest wire first. Once all 3 are connected, screw on the metal tab with those 2 screws. Finally double check that all 3 are still connected.

    D B - 返信

  10. スパッジャーの先端を使って iSight カメラケーブルコネクターの一方を動かし、ロジックボード上のソケットから接続を外します。 スパッジャーの先端を使って iSight カメラケーブルコネクターの一方を動かし、ロジックボード上のソケットから接続を外します。
    • スパッジャーの先端を使って iSight カメラケーブルコネクターの一方を動かし、ロジックボード上のソケットから接続を外します。

    First, lift the flat cable just off the board as it is normally “stuck” to the board. This will help the connector to release from the socket.

    John Lopinto - 返信

  11. iSightカメラケーブルを内蔵しているファンから剥がします。 iSightカメラケーブルを内蔵しているファンから剥がします。
    • iSightカメラケーブルを内蔵しているファンから剥がします。

  12. 黒色のプラスチックタブを掴み、ディスプレイケーブルコネクターを裏返して開き、ロジックボードのソケットからまっすぐ引っ張ります。 再組み立ての間、ディスプレイコネクターのタブを完全に装着したか確認してください。 再組み立ての間、ディスプレイコネクターのタブを完全に装着したか確認してください。
    • 黒色のプラスチックタブを掴み、ディスプレイケーブルコネクターを裏返して開き、ロジックボードのソケットからまっすぐ引っ張ります。

    • 再組み立ての間、ディスプレイコネクターのタブを完全に装着したか確認してください。

    This is pulled straight out to the side of the Macbook, not up.

    nmackaron - 返信

    Thanks for adding this comment !

    jrbhome - 返信

    Please use a nylon black stick to lift the lock bar up and push the connection apart reason being is the lock bar should not be pulled on and by pulling on it like shown may cause damage to the MLB/DISPLAY connection and then you’re into not just a display repair but a MLB on top of it!!!

    Dutchie - 返信

    hello, im trying to do this because im experiencing a blackscreen problem. Id like to do this but my macbook looks so different than this one. Could anyone help me?

    Karla Díaz - 返信

    If it doesn’t look like this, you’re looking at the wrong guide.

    maccentric -

  13. ゴム製の丁番カバーを左右ディスプレイの丁番から外します。 ゴム製の丁番カバーを左右ディスプレイの丁番から外します。 ゴム製の丁番カバーを左右ディスプレイの丁番から外します。
    • ゴム製の丁番カバーを左右ディスプレイの丁番から外します。

  14. MacBookの両側のアルミニウム製丁番ブラケットに留められた4.2 mm T5トルクスネジを2本外します。 MacBookの両側のアルミニウム製丁番ブラケットに留められた4.2 mm T5トルクスネジを2本外します。
    • MacBookの両側のアルミニウム製丁番ブラケットに留められた4.2 mm T5トルクスネジを2本外します。

    I found these to be very tight and wasnt able to move them with the ifixt screwdriver kit, i had to get a t-handle torx 9 bit to move them

    harveyhalfpint - 返信

    Yes they were tight but I managed to shift them with the iFixit screwdriver set

    Steven Fillingham - 返信

    This is 1 screw on each side (not 2 on each side). They are circled in red.

    nmackaron - 返信

    The T5 in the set I bought from was too big and started to strip these screws. Got an Ace Hardware brand one instead and it worked great.

    Brian Hultin - 返信

    Be careful at reassembling. This screw tends to brake if you tighten it too much.

    Mertensa Hens - 返信

    These were T4 not T5 size for me

    Praj Basnet - 返信

  15. ピンセットを使って、アルミ製丁番ブラケットを左右のディスプレイ丁番から持ち上げます。 再組み立ての際は、MacBook中央にあるアルミ製レールに対してブラケットが垂直の向きになるように装着します。 再組み立ての際は、MacBook中央にあるアルミ製レールに対してブラケットが垂直の向きになるように装着します。
    • ピンセットを使って、アルミ製丁番ブラケットを左右のディスプレイ丁番から持ち上げます。

    • 再組み立ての際は、MacBook中央にあるアルミ製レールに対してブラケットが垂直の向きになるように装着します。

    Vorsicht beim Wiederzusammenbau! Diese Schraube ist bei mir am Kopf abgebrochen, als ich sie etwas zu fest hineingedreht habe. Musste das Teil dann notdürftig mit Klebeband fixieren.


    Be careful at reassembling. This screw tends to brake if you tighten it too much.

    Mertensa Hens - 返信

  16. 上部ケースにディスプレイを留めている5.3 mm T8トルクスネジを4本(両側に2本ずつ)外します。 あるモデルによっては、T8ではなくT9のトルクスネジを使用しているものがあります。
    • 上部ケースにディスプレイを留めている5.3 mm T8トルクスネジを4本(両側に2本ずつ)外します。

    • あるモデルによっては、T8ではなくT9のトルクスネジを使用しているものがあります。

    Does these three screws are the same size? Can i mix use these screws during the installing process?

    Michael Kwok - 返信

    On my model, there was a thin piece of translucent plastic covering the left-side outer screws. It peeled off easily. It must be replaced upon reassembly. When removing these two (left-side) screws, a metal assembly securing the antenna wires was released below the screws. It must be replaced before reassembling these two screws.

    Ralph Begleiter - 返信

  17. MacBook Proを画像にあるように、テーブル上に片方サイドを縦にして90度以上開きます。 ディスプレイを左手で押さえながら、残りのT8トルクスネジを上部ディスプレイブラケットから外します。
    • MacBook Proを画像にあるように、テーブル上に片方サイドを縦にして90度以上開きます。

    • ディスプレイを左手で押さえながら、残りのT8トルクスネジを上部ディスプレイブラケットから外します。

    • ディスプレイと上部ケースがきちんと固定されている箇所で作業を行ってください。不安定な場所での作業は落下してしまう原因となりコンポーネントにダメージを与えてしまいます。

    • 上部ケースに留められたディスプレイから最後のT8トルクスネジを取り出します。

  18. 右手で上部ケースを持ち、時計周りにディスプレイ上側に向かってデバイスを回します。するとディスプレイケーブルと上部ケースの端が離れます。 ディスプレイをわずかに上部ケースから離します。 ブラケットやケーブルが絡まないように注意しながら、上部ケースからディスプレイを引っ張りながら離します。
    • 右手で上部ケースを持ち、時計周りにディスプレイ上側に向かってデバイスを回します。するとディスプレイケーブルと上部ケースの端が離れます。

    • ディスプレイをわずかに上部ケースから離します。

    • ブラケットやケーブルが絡まないように注意しながら、上部ケースからディスプレイを引っ張りながら離します。

    When replacing the display assembly with a new one, the new hinges may be very hard to move into the 90 degree position. We found it helpful to loop a paperclip into the screw hole of the hinge to facilitate pulling open the hinge.

    Eric - 返信

    Yes also found the hinges to be extremely tight, could not move them with from their initial position with fingers, ended up using a pair of pliers to rotate them enough to get fingers under them

    Steven Fillingham - 返信

    Are there any cheaper replacement screens? If so I need to know. My parents still haven't found out and I don't make a ton of money...

    Haley Hildreth - 返信

    The paper clip is a great tip. I also used the spudger flat end under the hinge and the metal side of the case as leverage to push it up.

    D B - 返信

    Excellent guide, Andrew! I am an ACMT and when disconnecting the eDP cable, I like to use the pointed ends of two spudgers (Apple calls them ‘black sticks’) to push the connector straight back out of the socket by pushing on its edges. This prevents any stress to the locking bar and also helps to ensure that the connector is disconnected evenly. For reassembly, I line up the connector carefully and once the pins are all lined up and the cable connector partially inserted, I push on the back edges on either side of the connector with the pointed ends of two spudgers, ‘walking’ the connector back into place so that it is even on both sides.

    Also, when disconnecting the camera cable connector from the logic board, I use the same method as above, situating the points of the sticks into the notches on each side of the connector and pushing straight back vs walking it back. I do the same thing when reconnecting the cable, but I ‘walk’ it back as mentioned above with the eDP cable connector.

    Ez Bless - 返信

    Also, once I have removed the clutch covers, I remove the two screws holding the metal antenna grounding loop in place (first picture in Step 15 of your guide). I move the loop out of the way and reinstall the two screws just until the heads of the screws make contact with the metal surface of the hinge. I loosen all of the rest of the screws and then tighten them back down just until the screws stop turning (without torquing them). I thoroughly brush off the surface area of the ESD mat where I am going to situate the MacBook for the next step, and then flip it over and open the display 90 degrees. I flip the machine back over and rotate it 90 degrees so that the ‘Apple’ logo on the back of the display lid is facing me, inverted, and the display hinges are much closer to me. After carefully scooting the machine back just until the display makes contact with the edge of the table, I pull the display up toward me to open it fully. I then carefully remove the hinge screws.

    Ez Bless - 返信

    For removal, you simply need to lift up slightly on the top edge of the display (possible once the 6 hinge screws have been fully removed) until it has cleared the recesses of the top case. It can then be lifted out without any hassle and you should not need to use any paper clips as mentioned in previous comments. I hope this helps someone; it is knowledge I have gained from following Apple’s Service Guides and experience from having replaced hundreds of displays in a short amount of time. We are an AASP on a university campus, so display repairs are VERY common (from mostly student customers).

    Ez Bless - 返信

    Hello everyone! I have problem after display changing. The brightness adjustment doesn’t work anymore. As I fine out its standard situation when you change displays for MacBook. Did anyone know how to fix this issue ?

    Bezromval - 返信



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Just did this for my wife. Awesome! Thank you!

Josh Way - 返信

Just complete this over lunch and it was cake - no pun. Follow the instructions and you'll be back to new in about 30 minutes. The toughest part is getting all those little screws out, so be patient and just know it's worth the squeeze. Take care, AZ

Advisor King - 返信

Is display assembly for Late 2013/Mid 2014 compatible with this model?

Payton James - 返信

Hi, I have same question, and I think its not fully compatible, I tried to put 2014 display on 2015 and its have issue with backlight at startup, for example if you press "ALT" at startup to chose startup disk, screen remains all the time dark only with flash light you can see its working and if you chose disk and only after some 5 seconds backlight will turn on, if I put old original broken display but with working backlight it will turn on backlight straight with the "chime" and yes with new 2014 display its not lighting up straight after chime only after some 5 seconds or so, but after that works fine.

artc -

Hi, last night i was watching a movie in my MBP E2015, and out of nothing, gave me "the gift" of a black screen... i tried everything i found in forums, reset SMC PRAM/NRAM, safe mode, force reboot, well, you name it, i tried it with no luck... i opened the MB and re-connected the display cable to what see if something happens, and nothing... i can only see the contents of the screen when using HDMI on a tv (i also can see stuff in the screen when pointing a flashlight in the dark screen, that makes me think its fixable) should i start thinking of replacing the whole display? any suggestion would be appreciated, thanks!


Daniel Dugarte - 返信

Hi Daniel,

I am having the same problem, did you find a solution yet?


Jaymes Milner -

That usually means that the backlight on your display has broken, so the 'screen' part is still receiving an input from the computer, but the light behind it that makes the screen bright enough for you to see it, has broken. So, either it is a loose connection for the backlight, or the whole backlight is dead. If the latter is true, the whole display component must be replaced.

Dominic Rogers -

Hi Daniel, what did you do to fix it? Any help would be appreciated thanks! :)

Srujana -

How skilled do you have to be to do this repair?

Anay Bhakat - 返信

It does say moderate difficulty, however in all honesty it's pretty easy if you know how to go slow, keep track of screws, and not force anything. Of course, helps to have experience inside the MacBook to know your way around, too, but I'd say that's probably not necessary :)

Nathanael -

Is the screen or displays connection to the graphics the same as the 2015 13" Macbook Air?

Nate - 返信

I think the answer is a firm NO but is it possible to replace a cracked early 2015 MBP retina screen with a late 2011 non-retina screen? Thanks!

Jacob Kaucher - 返信

I had two machines, one that wouldn't power on but the screen was fine, and one that had a cracked screen but booted up fine. Tried swapping the displays and couldn't get the good unit to power on at all. Tried swapping back to the broken display, and still can't get the unit to power on. Now I've got two machines that won't power on. Anyone need a couple paperweights? ;-)

Nathan Beranger - 返信

Do you still have these?

George Dapaah -

Just used these instructions to replace my screen and it went perfect. Couldn't be happier.

Derik Hammes - 返信

Perfect! Replacing the display was such a breeze, just saved a ton on money.

Kartavya Sharma - 返信


Spilled a small amount of wine on my keyboard a while back and did the usual, turn it off and upsidedown etc and it was fine.

A couple of weeks later it bagan to flikker from time to time. Oddly enough the flicker speed would change in conjunction with the keyboard backlight streangth so i assumed there was a short somwhere on the logicboard due to some sugar gunk somwhere. I opened it and cleaned all the gunk i could find but it didnt help. Looks pristene again now (to the eye obv.).

A couple of days ago a new behaviour: Now if i leave it off or closed for a long time the screen comes on and works for about 25 mins. If i close it and reopen it works for a period of time related to how long it was closed. I'm totally baffeled, maybe something to do with a capasitor charging? Above my paygrade.

The last thing i can think to do myself is change the LVDS cable, but from this it looks like its embedded in the monitor. Is there a way to do it without buying a new screen?

Sorry for life story. Thanx!

james Trickey - 返信

the Apple cracked and when I went to open my MacBook the screen it’s self is fond however the imaging is lined out. When I plug a monitor in I can see the what I am doing. Because the screen isn’t cracked does this mean I have to get an new screen and assembly?

Kay Sachs - 返信

Can any body tell me that parts assembly unit includes ?

such as camera, wifi etc ??

Shahid Amin - 返信

i handed over my machine to istore for replacement of display unit. so i want to know what i need to check when they will return my machine to me ?

Shahid Amin - 返信

Wi-Fi, camera (and camera light ofc) and display (that the screen works)

Edvard Schreiner Sjøblom -

Thank you so much for this. I was quoted 400 euro to get a replacement screen fitted. I located one online and assembled it myself with help from your guide. Thank you for the help.

Kevin Lynch - 返信

Feel like sharing the website mate?

corelle williamson -

I just did this! It was terrifying but not too difficult. For sections that I struggled on, reading the individual comments for each step helped. New display is beautiful!

Lauren Mata - 返信

Just replaced my display using your guide. It was a breeze! Thanks soooo much!


Worked for me, thanks!

Isaac Ellmen - 返信

This excellent guide helped me to replace a broken display :)

Thank you very much!

Bruno - 返信

Hervorragende Anleitung!

Steckverbindungen lassen sich nicht immer leicht lösen, am besten dann mit zwei der empfohlenen Werkzeuge gleichzeitig vorgehen.

- 5. Schritt: Um zu Vermeiden, dass sich der Konnektor während der Reparatur versehentlich wieder mit dem Board verbindet, empfehle ich einen dünnen Streifen Isolierband dazwischen zu kleben, dann kann man sich das Zurückbiegen sparen. Das Lösen der Verbindung war nicht leicht, wenn man wie in der Anleitung nur von links anhebt. Ich empfehle auch hier, stets im Wechsel von links und rechts anzuheben, und dabei sehr behutsam vorzugehen.

- 8. Schritt: Zusammenstecken der Verbindungen beim Wiederzusammenbau erfordert Geduld, geht leichter mit zwei Werkzeugen gleichzeitig.

- 9./11. Schritt: Nach dem Umklappen des Bügels am besten mit zwei Pinzetten/Spudgern gleichzeitig arbeiten und im Wechsel von links und von rechts seitlich zur Ecke hin wegziehen.

Mertensa Hens - 返信

My issue is the anti-reflective coating is deteriorating badly - the display behind it is fine! Any way to replace just the coating, or just the glass, rather than the entire display? It’s just the coating - all the rest behind it is in great shape!

aaronlewis - 返信

i believe that there is a special repair program for that issue. i had one with that problem and apple replace the screen assembly for free outside of warranty

norse walt -

L’écran d’un Macbook Pro mi-2013 non retina peut-il se monter sur un Macbook Pro mi-2015 retina ?

Tom - 返信

very good directions

QuickTech - 返信

At the start of this tutorial, remind the reader again to power off the computer. One gets so excited about actually having the teeny tiny screwdriver for screws on the case, that one forgets to power down!

Ted Kaehler - 返信

Ist es möglich das Display-Scharnier irgendwie so zu bearbeiten, dass das Display nicht mehr so leicht auf und zuklappt?

bukkitcity - 返信

Big big thank you!

szymczak121 - 返信

Hi, i have a questions, i have a MBP 2015 and i have to change the display the disp on a MPB 2013-2014 work on the 2015 ?

Edhys Santos - 返信



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