1. Turn the phone off.
    • Turn the phone off.

    • Remove the back cover by sliding the tab away from the phone using one finger.

  2. Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.
    • Lift one side of the battery using a plastic opening tool or your fingers.

    • Carefully remove the battery and set it aside.

    • When installing the battery, make sure to align the metal pins with those of the phone.

    • Use a Phillips #0 Screwdriver to remove the nine 4 mm screws from the back cover.

    • Insert the tip of the plastic opening tool into the small notch on the side of the case.

      • Slide the opening tool along the seam and around the edge of the phone to separate the case.

    • Separate the two halves of the phone.

      • On the left is the back of the phone holding the logic board and key pad.

      • On the right is the plastic casing.

    • Holding the phone casing with one hand, and the key pad assembly with the other, separate the phone case from the keypad/logic board.

    • Remove the key pad from the logic board by pulling the two boards apart, separating this connection.

    • First, pull back the tape covering the connection between the motherboard and the ribbon cable.

    • Separate the connection, using the plastic opening tool.

    • After the connection is removed, the motherboard is successfully removed.


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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