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If the display screen of your LG K10 got broken or cracked, please follow this repair guide to replace it.


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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Eric, thanks for the guide to replacing the LG K10 screen. I was about to commit to doing one, but when I went to buy a part, the first thing I found was the glass cover over the display, which of course is way cheaper than the whole display. Can you comment about changing out just the glass?

TheGear - 返信


Thanks for the awsome guide.

Has anyone had overheating problems on this phone after changing the display?


André Santos - 返信

Thanks for the guid. I wish I saw this before i had it sent to a company to fix it. If anyone is seeing this. Don't make the same mistake as I did. I bought a case that just had grip. Buy a coverware case. They are super durable. I dropped my phone on phone call and it shattered with the original case. I dropped my phone down a flite of stairs with the coverware case and it survived without any damage.

Samuel White - 返信

I have a problem after installing a new screen. I followed the same steps like the video . The problem is that the digitizer is not working at all. The screen works fine but not the touch function. I have tried 2 different new screens but the prpblem remains. Do I have to glue the lcd connector to the middle frame?

Filippos Vlachos - 返信

Se o celular cair dentro da agua isso funciona?

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