Everyone has dropped an electronic device and felt the sinking feeling of picking it up only to find a shattered screen. This guide shows you how to replace the screen on your Kindle Voyage should that ever happen.

  1. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement, Back Panel: 手順 1、 2の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement, Back Panel: 手順 1、 2の画像 2
    • Insert a plastic opening tool between the plastic panel shown on the device.

    • Use the tool to pry the plastic away from the device.

    • There will be adhesive holding this piece of plastic to the device. You may have to pull pretty hard to get it separated.

  2. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 2、 1の画像 1
    • Use an aluminum driver attached with a Phillips head size #00 to remove the four 3mm screws shown in the picture. For reassembly, note that the top two and bottom two screws are different sizes.

  3. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 3、 3の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 3、 3の画像 2 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 3、 3の画像 3
    • Once the screws are removed, the back panel can slide off the device.

    Why is step 4 needed? The magnetic component doesn’t appear to be in the way of the battery replacement. Is the magnetic component just sitting on the posts (without screws attaching)? Will any magnet work to remove it? Is there any electrical connection to this component?

    John - 返信

    There is no electrical connection, it is just sitting there. It should be removed so that it doesn’t fall out during the rest of the repair.

    Merlin04 - 返信

    I’ve tackled apparently more complicated jobs on iMac, MacBook and iPhone, but this one has defeated me! I can’t complete step 3 the panel simply will not slide off.

    Graham Miles - 返信

    Correction, tried some more. After one and a half hours of struggling I finally managed to slide the cover off. Now tht it’s been done once, it slides on and off easily.Just putting this here in case others have the same problem - persevere. In principle the job’s an easy one.

    Graham Miles - 返信

    If the old battery swells, as mine did, the board will not slide out of the case. Too much pressure exerted on the case from the swollen battery.

    I had to separate the two halves of the case.

    Robert Sauve - 返信

  4. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 4、 2の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 4、 2の画像 2
    • Remove the magnetic component with the magnetic head of the aluminum driver.

    This instruction confused me. There is a component above the battery. It’s not held there by anything (no adhesive or fasteners), so you can just take it off. They’re saying to use anything magnetic to pick it up, but you can just use your fingers.

    moec - 返信

  5. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement, Screen: 手順 5、 2の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement, Screen: 手順 5、 2の画像 2
    • Use a spudger to push up the black tabs on all three ribbon cables.

    • Once the tabs are open, gently pull the ribbon cables out of their housings.

  6. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 6、 2の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 6、 2の画像 2
    • Insert a plastic opening tool into the small crack between the screen and the front panel.

    • Work your way around the screen until you can pry it all the way open.

    • There is adhesive holding the screen to the front panel, so you will need to apply some pressure to completely separate the two.

    imposible to do, the sceen breack eat time you try to insert tool in the small crack

    shamseybert - 返信

    indeed, this is not the way to do it, very thin glass that breaks when you put the plastic tool under it. Maybe heat needed?

    S R - 返信

    Mine was a nightmare to remove, lots of cracks and plenty of glass bits to clean up after. Didn’t figure to use heat until the cleanup. Be careful not to melt the plastic edge around the screen though, at least if using something like a Dremel Versatip which I used. Would likely have been much easier if I had heated before prying open the screen.

    eirikbl - 返信

    Take your time. Plan to spend 30-60 minutes doing this step. Use hairdryer to heat the glass so it’s hot to touch. Use a lot of guitar picks to secure parts that were done, so they don’t stick back. Work slowly. Avoid pressure. Reheat it once in a while. Take several turns around the screen, pushing the picks slightly further each time.

    Don’t push too far. There’s about 5mm wide patch of glue on the left and right borders and 10mm at top and bottom. If you go deeper, you’ll start too work between the e-ink and the touch screen.

    I still cracked my screen. Doing the next half I figured how to do it so it doesn’t crack. But you’re replacing it because it’s broken anyway, right?

    qsorix - 返信

    Well, it’s really hard to remove the screen because of the glue. We are afraid to break some electronic components. But the hairdryer is the solution to it. Just heat the borders of the screen and use a thin tool to remove it. This video may help: https://youtu.be/Vs4P_L_N4GE

    Prof. Manoel Campos - 返信

  7. Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 7、 2の画像 1 Kindle Voyage Screen Replacement: 手順 7、 2の画像 2
    • Once the screen is free of the front panel, pull the loose ribbon cables through the openings in the bottom of the screen.

    • Lift the screen off of the front panel.

    I pressed down the screen Kindle Voyage. Where can I order a new screen? goldenbek@list.ru

    Altynbek Shalandiyev - 返信

    Die Bilder vermitteln einen falschen Eindruck! Das Glas ist sehr wohl geklebt - mit einem wiederlich zähem Zeug. Ausserdem sollte man auf der unteren (Kontakt-) Seite beginnen, da dort nur ein schmaler Metallrand mit Kleber versehen ist. Und viel, viel Geduld mitbringen! Der Kleber löst sich so mit 1mm pro Stunde...

    Mark Lauinger - 返信

    Wo hast du denn deinen neuen display hergehabt? Hast du einen guten gefunden?

    Anika -

    Hi, same problem - i don't know where to buy the replacement screen/lcd-panel for the voyage. any ideas?, best, Axel

    Axel - 返信

    Habe mein Ersatzdisplay bei Aliexpress gefunden. “ED060TC1” ist die Artikelbezeichnung, unter der es zu finden ist. Kosten (Stand 01/2020): Zwischen 55 und 60 EUR.

    Steve Achmachmarabazz - 返信

    Hello. How can I separate the glass screen from the e-ink screen? Thank you

    itsmygiulia - 返信

    Instructions are incomplete. I managed to remove the front glass. The e-ink screen is under it. I just broke the screen trying to remove the glued front glass. Throwing my Kindle in the trash ?

    Prof. Manoel Campos -


To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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My screen glass is cracked, but the e-ink screen is fine. I found a replacement glass on Amazon, but how can I separate the e-ink display from the glass without destroying it? Is there a replacement piece that contains both?

John Davis - 返信

Did you get anywhere with this John?

dave -

I'm wondering the same thing. How are you guys separating the screen? it's just not coming off. it's crumbing and cracking rather than lifting.

Gerald Onyango -

My guess is that the e-ink TFT screen is bonded to the glass digitizer with a UV curing optically clear adhesive. The chance of separating the broken digi and the e-ink part without cracking the TFT are close to impossible. I know they use a very strong thin wire system to separate LCD's on small devices like phones but not sure if the e-ink screen is strong. I have managed to source a couple of recycled working screens complete with digi and e-ink together for some customers. As soon as we have them here and done the repairs, we will experiment on getting one of the damaged ones apart to see if we can replace just the digitizer. REO Technology Ltd. www.reotech.co.uk

Chris Halliwell - 返信

Hey folks! i feel like i found the replacement for a broken screen for kindle voyage. I am not sure about links sharing policy here, but if you will google "ED060TC1" you'll find plenty of offers from china. In order not to be screwed by amazon manufacturer uses "Montana" as brand on a front panel. Gonna order one today.

ivansaraev - 返信

Did it work?

crg -

Can you give us an update on compatibility with Amazon Voyage?

Thanks in advance

Chris Halliwell -

yes, the screen is working, however my device seems to be broken... it shows me - "your kindle needs a repair"

ivansaraev -

Did this work for you?

Rob Ellis -

When I opened the black cover in step 1, my touchscreen stopped working. What is the problem and what do i need to do to fix it???

Daniel Zhou - 返信

I have a replacement screen but i can't separate the old digitizer because of the adhesive. They make it look so easy in this guide but i have all the tools required and i'm taking my time and the screen is just crumbling and not lifting.

Gerald Onyango - 返信

This is was more difficult than the writer makes it seem. Impossible to get screen off on the basis of these instructions. Out a$30 screen and have to order a new voyage.

Glenn Blasius - 返信

Same experience here, plus some bloody finger :)

i'll see if somebody on ebay wants to buy what remains, after the first cuts my patience cracked and so did the lcd.

Diego Costantini -

indeed this is not possible as the instructions purport. The e-ink screen is bonded to the protective screen with a very sticky glue. I think it impossible to just replace the protective screen.

bob williamson - 返信

Yeah, this is pretty much impossible. Screen is tightly bonded to the rest of the body. This guide should either be revised or removed, because it will result in people destroying their device.

aleximaschas - 返信

This gets the screen replaced, but I don't think it actually fixes the Voyage. Did the author actually put a new screen into a Voyage and make it work?

My attempt, and every one I've found online, winds up with the screen working but saying "Your Kindle needs repair: code 2" which means "beyond hope, buy a new Kindle."

I think that there may be some kind of an issue with a calibration or serial number tie between the screen circuitry and the main board.

It's IMO wrong for iFixit to present this as such an easy fix when in fact, as far as I can tell, it's actually impossible.

John Ridley - 返信

I successfully changed my screen, but the only thing broken on mine was the E-Ink screen. Never saw an error code, although the screen was broken and didn’t show anything.

Jakk55 -

The screen of my Kindle Voyage cracked, and i am not able to use the touch screen anymore , so i can not enter my books, the menu. A shame because in fact it doesn’t eem to be broken otherwise. I just can not enter my books. Does anyone know how to repair this?

Leonie W - 返信

WARNING: As far as I can tell as of Fall 2018 you can no longer buy screen replacements. You can be the screed digitizer (front glass) but this is useless because it is permanently attached to the e-ink display. So you can’t just replace the front glass.

Harry Bullen - 返信

Be careful with the corners!!!!! I just break one of the screen so now it is the full replacement not just the touch sensor.

mlastra - 返信

Some tips for anyone who comes here trying to do this. The tape attaching the screen/digitizer is very strong, but narrow. I had success using a plastic opening tool to wedge the glass from the case, starting at the “buttons” and using guitar pick, or other flat piece of plastic to cut away at the adhesive. DO NOT WEDGE THE CORNERS, they seem to be far more fragile and shatter, then you have to pick away all the shards. After removing the screen I scraped away all the leftover adhesive so that the screen fits flush as it did originally. When removing the adhesive, make sure not to cover the light sensor in the upper left corner or your auto-dimming won’t work.

Screens+digitizer still seem to be available on eBay, from China, just have to wait a month for them to ship over.

Jakk55 - 返信

No, it is impossible to separate the screen without cracking it. New Kindle on the way!!

Joseph Goh - 返信

I confirm it is impossible to separate the screen without cracking it!

pad - 返信



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