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    • In this guide you will learn about problem with bootloop in iPhone 5s caused by the wrong long screw which destroy the connection path.

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To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Alex Sander

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I have no clue what area of the iPhone I am even looking at in this video other than a screw hole, no mention or direction of what is happening here, sorry I am finding this pretty useless

Lucas - 返信

I don’t understand what part is showed here? could you explain for dummies please?

ruben_baptista - 返信

For those that need to know…

The screen has been removed from the phone in the video, and the phones orientation is with the charging port at the bottom.

The screw hole shown in the video is the bottom right screw hole for the plate that holds the screens connectors in place.

chris1 - 返信



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