1. Make sure the toaster is unplugged before starting.
    • Make sure the toaster is unplugged before starting.

    • Turn the toaster upside down and remove the rubber feet.


  2. Using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four 12mm screws that attach the toaster shell.
    • Using a #2 Phillips head screwdriver, remove the four 12mm screws that attach the toaster shell.


    • With the dial facing you, push the toaster base up and away until the base is just over the lip of the shell. This will disconnect the browning dial from the rest of the toaster.

    • When reassembling the toaster, make sure that the back of the dial lines up with the slot both in position and orientation (the dial and slot are not perfect circles - they have a notch).

    • The only object holding the shell onto the toaster now is the grey part of the lever.


    • Reach under the shell and grab the back, white part of the lever.

    • Grab the grey lever between your index finger and your middle finger and pull.

    • Pulling too hard will break the mechanism that holds the grey handle onto the white lever.

    • Remove the shell.


    • To begin fixing the lever spring, remove the top metal plate of the toaster.

    • To do this, locate the four metal bending couples that keep it attached (two in front, two in back).

    • Bend down each of the bending couples that are currently at a ninety degree angle.

    • Lift the plate and remove.


    • Locate the metal "U" bracket that is in the middle of the two toaster slots.

    • The bracket is secured by two protruding metal strips that are twisted and one metal strip on the lever side that is bent over the pole.

    • Using pliers or tweezers, untwist the two metal strips.

    • Use pliers or tweezers to unfold the metal sheet that keeps the pole in place.

    • Pull up on the bracket and remove.


    • Remove the short top spring from the pole.

    • Find the bottom of the pole and push it up through the top of the white lever bracket.

    • Prepare for the spring to jump out as it will no longer be held in place.


    • Use soap and water to clean the spring and rod. If you can not complete the third bullet, just brush of the debris as the soap will remove the lubricant.

    • Ensure there are no crumbs restricting the compression of the spring or movement along the pole.

    • Now use a commercial lubricant, such as WD-40, to re-lubricate the pole and springs.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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