This repair video served as the inspiration for my guide. A big thanks to danliv99 from YouTube for helping me fix my glasses!



  1. These are the tools I used to insert the screw through the spring hinge. In the video a paperclip was used, but the paperclip I had on-hand could not fit into the tiny recess in order to jam the spring open.
    • These are the tools I used to insert the screw through the spring hinge. In the video a paperclip was used, but the paperclip I had on-hand could not fit into the tiny recess in order to jam the spring open.


  2. The problem at hand: The screw will not fit through the arm because a spring is pulling on the hinge (and screw hole) in the arm.
    • The problem at hand: The screw will not fit through the arm because a spring is pulling on the hinge (and screw hole) in the arm.


  3. Fixmasのスピリットを広めましょう
    • Insert a pushpin through the hole and use it as leverage to extend the spring hinge outwards.


    • Be careful not to push the pushpin into your finger, as opposed to the small notch that you've just uncovered.

    • Once the spring hinge extends outward with the first pushpin, use a second pushpin to keep the hole in the "extended" position:

      • There will be a small notch revealed once the spring hinge extends outwards. Wedge the second pushpin into that notch so that the hinge doesn't go back inwards.

    • I sadly only have two hands, so I was not able to show how to wedge the pushpin and take the photo.


    • With the second pushpin hanging around, line up the eyeglass frame/arm holes together.

    • Use a pair of tweezers to insert your eyeglass screw through both holes.


    • Finally, use a 1.2 mm flat-blade screwdriver to secure the arm to the frame.

    • Presto-blamo! Your eyeglasses are fixed.

    • The same procedure can be used on sunglasses without any problems.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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Miroslav Djuric

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Nice guide. Simple, straight forward and it works. In my experience I used a standard tack because that's all I had. I was able to hold pressure on the tack while I set the arm in place. Worked like a charm.

mtscott - 返信

Thanks for this, the screw came out on my glasses and I'm new to glasses so had no idea how to get the screw back in, thanks again! Saved my life on Xmas eve as I was about to leave my house to head to see my family.

Jake - 返信

Excellent process and photos! I couldn't get a push pin to stay in the gap of my foster grant readers, but used another tiny screwdriver instead. Same idea, slightly different tool. Thanks!

Tom S - 返信

It's kind of confusing. Is there any other simpler explanation?

Carissa Mcellan - 返信

Great post with informative guide. I really appreciated it. Thanks


awen thomas - 返信

Thank you. Much appreciated

Steve White - 返信

Vey nifty and it works! Used 2 paper clips, 1 to pull out as a loop, and the other to keep the hinge jammed open.

I saw the problem, couldn't keep the hinge pushed out with a fine screwdriver while dropping the screw. This also took some doing, but got it done. Thanks for posting

Kishore Iyer - 返信

My hinge actually broke...looking for Monkey Glue to just cement it. I love these old glasses and want to wear them

Where can I look to have someone just fix them...went to optometrist and gal said they could not be fixed! Anything can be fixed, I think

sdsummit11 - 返信

try fixmyglasses.com. Looks like they can pretty much repair anything and they offer free shipping both ways with no obligation and a one year warranty.

mikerandy1001 -

Thanks for the guide. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put my glasses back together when the holes didn't line up.

Miguel Duron - 返信

Great, thanks - I'll remember this! What a shame I didn't know this when a screw came out of my glasses a year or so ago. I spent ages wondering how to get it back and eventually had to send them away to be fixed.

By the way, good luck with growing your 3rd arm, and be sure to write an Instructable about it when you succeed - I promise I'll favourite it!

Philip Le Riche - 返信

This was BEYOND helpful, thank you so much!!

Jennifer Tobias - 返信

THANK YOUUU!!! I was trying to fix my glasses for like half an hour and was done in 5 mins with your tips!

Sian Madoc-Jones - 返信

Yeah nice, but doesn’t work on my pair from Specsavers. I suspect they’ve modified the design to prevent private repair?

Warwick Evans - 返信

hi where can I find a supplier for replacement spring hinges. I've got a pair of tommy Hilfiger th76 and cant locate where to buy a set of spring hinges to replace my broken ones.



stuart baird - 返信

Did not work for my eyeglasses frame (Ballet Image), but I found good workaround.

Problem was that you could not extend spring (Step 3) because it is almost impossible to leverage it out on temples alone.

So I used combination of 3 methods to reattach my temples.

First you take just the frame, no temples attached, and screw in your original frame screw from reverse side. Once it is in just a little, you attach temple. Holes wont align yet, but you just screw reverse screw in little bit again, so it would push on attached temple part and hold it, even if it is not in hole yet. After that you use pin from proper side to leverage spring hinge so holes will match up. Because you applied pressure by reverse hinge, once you align holes reverse screw should pop into hole in temples part. After that you screw reversed screw a bit more to secure aligned holes position and that is when you do step 4 of this guide. Once pin secures alignment, you unscrew reverse screw and screw it in from proper side.

Ui Ethuil - 返信

Didn’t find much other info online detailing how to hold the spring in place, so thanks for this.

Amit Mondal - 返信

This saved my life! I just got a new job and glasses were broken! My fault for removing the wrong screw after bending and breaking the threads on the lens joint screw hole. Duh, wrong screw and try as I could, until using this guide, I wasn’t succeeding, I figured out that it was this way, but didn’t figure out the angling of the pin and didn’t know about using a push pin. Lost my push pin, but got two tools out of the iFixit screw bit set, and bada boom, was able to put the screw back in.

Now to figure out how to remove the super glued frame and using new upsize screw I bought.

Mark Hayward - 返信

I know acetone can remove super glue drips, I wonder if soaking in it was get me back to just the broken frame so I can use oversize threaded screw…

Mark Hayward - 返信

On kenzo glasses there is no access hole to hold the spring in place. After fiddling with it for 40 minutes, a thin piece of stiff metal with a ledge at the end, (I used an ikea leftover shelf holder and cut off a few extra bits to make it easier to use) and a rubber band worked great.

I wrapped some gaffers tape around the thin metal to prevent scratches, and forced it between the metal shell and the spring loaded hole thing. I wrapped a rubber band around it a good 5-6 times to hold the metal piece in place, lined up the holes on the frame and the screw went it nicely. At least I know the technique now, and won't waste 40 minutes on it ever again!

Igor Randjelovic - 返信



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