1. Make sure that the computer is turned off and is disconnected from external power source.
    • Make sure that the computer is turned off and is disconnected from external power source.

    • Turn it upside down and locate the battery release switch.

    Introduction: Parts: Need to add the Fan Part Numbers

    Original equipment: CPU Fan DC28A000820, GPU Fan DC28A000920

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  2. While holding the switch in the open position, lift out the battery.
    • While holding the switch in the open position, lift out the battery.

    • If you plan to work on any internal laptop components, press and hold the power button for 5 seconds. This will dissipate any residual charge on the motherboard to prevent electrical shock when you begin to handle it.


    • Remove the two Phillips #1 screws on the left side of the computer, just above the battery compartment.

    • These screws hold the hard drive tray into the hard drive compartment.


    • Slide the hard drive tray out of the hard drive compartment.


    • Locate and remove the screw shown

      • It is labeled with a lock symbol


    • Use the screwdriver to gently push the optical drive out


    • Remove the 12 Phillips #1 screws from the edges of the lower case.

    • You may also need to remove the central screw next to the lock icon.

    Need to add a step to open the Wi-Fi cover, uper left with the Microsoft label on it. Then detach the Wi-Fi antenna wires from the pc board.

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  3. Fixmasのスピリットを広めましょう
    • Turn the computer back over and tilt the screen open.

    • Use the plastic opening tool to carefully pry the panel out as shown in the pictures

    • Remove the plastic panel carefully.


    • Use the small Phillips head screwdriver to remove the screws circled in red.

    • Gently lift the keyboard up and rest it just below the screen as shown in the picture.

    • The keyboard will still be connected to the motherboard.


    • Before removing the keyboard completely, use the plastic opening tool to gently lift the clamp connecting the keyboard to the motherboard.

    • Once the keyboard has been disconnected, remove the keyboard completely.


    • Using a Phillips head screwdriver, remove the screws shown in the image. They all have the letter "P" next to them.

    • Carefully unplug the connections shown.

    • Don't forget the display cable. It is slightly to the right of the Dell logo at the top.

    • Also, the wireless cables on the right side may prevent moving the upper case out of the way.

    • Once the screws have been removed and the connections unplugged, use the plastic opening tool to gently separate the panel from the lower case.

    It probably better to leave the small blue battery to the left plugged in for the Bios Chip. Just lift the batter out of its holder and move it out of the way as the cover is moved. If unplugged the computed will ask you to run setup when you start the computer.

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    • Remove the plastic case by gently bending back towards the screen. You can bend the screen all the way back if that helps.

    • For the motherboard the optical drive will be removed already. However for the lower case it is not necessary that it be taken out.

    • If you are having trouble removing the upper plastic case (and LCD) from the lower case, there may still be a wire connected to the Wi-Fi adapter. Turn the laptop over, open the Wi-Fi module access panel and remove the + and - leads for the Wi-Fi antenna.

    Need to add a caution when rotating the cover to be careful with the hinge post on the right side. you can snag the GPU heat pipe as you rotate the cover. So watch the maneuver.

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    • Unscrew the 4 screws shown in the picture.

    • Screws will not come out all the way.


    • Remove the heat sync gently


    • The right heat sync is connected to the videocard. To remove the heat sync requires also removing the videocard.

    • Remove the 4 screws indicated in the first picture

    • Screws will not totally come out.

    • Gently lift up the videocard and heat sync from the motherboard.


    • Remove both fans from the computer. This will make it easier to remove the motherboard.

    • Remove the screws in the photos to remove the fans.


    • Unplug the shown leads by gently pulling them up.

    • Remove the shown screws from the motherboard


    • Gently remove the motherboard from the laptop by simultaneously lifting and pulling away from the sides.

    • Once the motherboard is free, flip it over, towards the screen of the laptop and gently remove the black and white wire from the wireless card.

    • Once the wires are disconnected, pull them through the hole and completely remove the motherboard from the computer.


    • Your computer should look like the computer in the photo without the motherboard.



To reassemble your device, follow these instructions in reverse order.

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